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Display Looks Torn ¶ 

The screen displays dead pixels, tearing, distortions, or artifacts.

First, try performing a factory reset. Select Settings from the main menu, and Factory Settings is the last option.

If this does not work, submerge your Pebble Steel in warm (not boiling hot) water for 5 minutes. After removing from the warm water, let the Pebble Steel sit for 1 minute before submerging it in cold water for 5 minutes.

Pebble Steel is Alerting for Old Notifications/Not Alerting for New Notifications ¶ 

The Pebble Steel is either vibrating repeatedly for an old notification or not vibrating for a new notification.

Restart Pebble Steel ¶ 

If your Pebble Steel is vibrating multiple times for an old notification, try restarting the Pebble Steel by holding down the back and select buttons simultaneously for about 10 seconds. Send a test Ping from the Pebble app to see if the Pebble Steel vibrates. If it still doesn't vibrate, contact the support system about the problem and include the information that Pebble requires.

Notification Settings are Turned Off ¶ 

If your Pebble Steel is not vibrating to alert a new notification, make sure the settings for the vibrations are properly configured. From the Menu, go to Settings and then Notifications. Make sure that the vibration option is enabled.

If this doesn't work, the vibration device may need to be replaced. Replace the vibration device using this guide.

Buttons Are Unresponsive/Active When Unprompted ¶ 

One or more of your Pebble Steel’s buttons are either failing to function or are not responding when pressed.

Recalibrate Pebble Steel ¶ 

If any of your Pebble Steel’s buttons are not functioning correctly, and you have already performed a factory reset with no success (if able to do so), submerge the Pebble Steel under warm water for a few moments. Then, remove the watch from the water and firmly press and hold each button (individually) for 7 seconds.

If this does not work, you can replace the buttons using this guide.

Adjust Watch Band ¶ 

If the buttons are too responsive, try adjusting the wear of the Pebble Steel on your wrist. If the watch band is too loose it will be more likely to slide around and cause unwanted button stimulation, so try tightening the band. Also, see if changing the position of the Pebble Steel to a higher or a lower location on your arm fixes this issue.

Notification Issues With iOS Devices ¶ 

The Pebble Steel is either not receiving notifications or receiving duplicate notifications .

Enable 'Show Notifications' Setting ¶ 

If your Pebble Steel is not receiving notifications, make sure that the 'Show Notifications' option on your iPhone is enabled. This is found under Settings to Bluetooth. Your Pebble Steel should be connected and 'Show Notifications' turned on.

Delete Old Notifications ¶ 

For iPhone owners who are receiving duplicate notifications, pull down the status bar at the top of the iPhone display and delete old notifications. You should also be able to hit the Select button on your Pebble Steel to clear the notifications as they pop up.

Device Not Charging/Turning On ¶ 

Your Pebble Steel will not power on or connect properly to the charger.

Charge Pebble Steel Completely ¶ 

If your Pebble Steel will not turn on after completely depleting the battery, it may take about three hours to fully recharge again.

If your Pebble Steel will still not turn on, make sure the device is plugged in properly and drawing power. Make sure the USB end of the charging cable is plugged in before attaching the other end to the Pebble Steel. Try multiple ports and outlets to determine if the issue is with the Pebble Steel or with the charging cable itself. You may have to replace the charging cable.

Clean the Charging Cable ¶ 

If your Pebble Steel does not connect properly to the charging cable, try cleaning the metal connective surface. There are four metal contact points on the charging portion of the Pebble Steel. These are cleaned with 90% rubbing alcohol.

There are also four spring-loaded pins on the charging cable. These are cleaned by rubbing a pencil eraser along the surface. Make sure that all four pins depress smoothly and return to the same outward position.

Pebble watch heated up and shot off, I can't get it to turn back on.

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