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Polaroid Onestep Close Up Troubleshooting

Developed by Polaroid in 1983, The Onestep Close Up has an automatic flash for better lighting conditions, along with a special lens for more of a "close up" photograph. 

Flash isn't working

Flash is not charged, or battery is drained.

  • Built into every film pack is a high energy battery that is used to fire the flash. While it takes 5 seconds for the flash to recharge, you must wait until the red light in the viewfinder turns off in order for the flash to work and also for the camera to capture a picture. The camera will not produce an image if the flash is not charged all the way.
  • If the red light in the viewfinder is off and the camera is ready to take a picture, and there is still no flash, you may need to replace the film pack containing the battery.

Pictures coming out blurry

Film is faulty, or lens is dirty and or damaged.

  • If your photos keep coming out blurry, there may in fact be a problem with the impossible film itself. Try changing out the film packet to see if the film itself is faulty. The Impossible project film may also need to be shielded from as much external light as possible. Not shielding external light may impact the development of the film and may cause the pictures to come out blurry.
  • There may be a problem with your camera lens being scratched or damaged. Review the guides to replace the camera lens. Polaroid One-Step 600 Lens Replacement

The surrounding temperature is not ideal for developing pictures.

  • The impossible project film is very sensitive as to the temperature needed to correctly develop one of its pictures. Stated in the directions of the Impossible project film, they say the picture will develop in 10 minutes at a temperature of about 70 degrees Fahrenheit or 21 degrees Celsius

Shutter switch stuck

Spring may be stuck, or plastic casing is broken.

  • In the back of the switch, there is a spring. This spring may just be caught up on an internal component, keeping it from extending back out to original position. There are many sharp objects and components inside of this camera that can sang the spring attached to the switch. Give the switch a gentle wiggle to see if you can free the spring.
  • If the switch is still stuck, the plastic casing of the switch may be broken. The casing, which guides the switch may be broken keeping the switch from moving back and forth freely. See guides for replacement of the shutter switch. Polaroid Onestep Close Up Shutter Switch Replacement

Pictures not coming out at all

There is no film in the camera.

  • If the camera does not produce a picture, there might not be any film left. You will need to replace the film pack.

Pictures coming out extremely dark or extremely Bright

Brightness control is not centered

  • On these cameras there is a small plastic piece called the control that should be positioned in between a black and white arrow. If this control is all the way past the black arrow, the picture will be very dark, and if the control is all the way past the white arrow, the picture will be extremely bright. The manual instructs users to only slide the control to a lighter or darker setting only if they have taken a picture and decided that there needs to be a different lighting.

You have some problems with the formatting here:

- You need a table of contents.

- For each primary heading (problem), you need to include second-level subheadings (possible causes). For example, for the top-level heading "Flash isn't working," instead of two bullet points, you would have two subheadings that identify a reason for why the flash might not be working.

- You need to provide links to your repair guides

Also, one minor point, I believe Impossible Film should be capitalized because it's a brand name, right?

Dan Brown - Antwort

Somehow, the links to the repair guides redirect me to a different device page.

Dan Brown - Antwort

Can you discuss the best temperature to store the film (before and after use)?

and why do some photos come out pink and kinda blurry?

Namar Tarabzoni - Antwort

Hi, my camera shoots out the photo fine but the plastic casing stays stuck over the photo. when i take the photo out the plastic bit shoots back into the camera. But by doing this causes a mark over the photo and this then appears on each photo :( is it broken??

vbramwell - Antwort

I have the same problem, did you ever figure out what was causing that??

camarena.allison -

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