Polyconcept 900-MHz Caller ID issues and/or issues with indicator lights ¶ 

You are having issues with the Caller ID. The Caller ID is showing nothing on the display screen and/or the Caller ID displays an error message. You may also have issues with the Voice Mail, In-use, and/or charger indicator flashing on the Caller ID.

No display on the Caller ID screen ¶ 

Check to make sure the battery is fully charged. Try replacing the battery and make sure the battery is properly installed and connected. To make sure that the phone is connected to a non-switched electrical outlet, disconnect the phone from the outlet and plug it in again. If you find there is still nothing on the display screen, you may need to replace the battery. Please view the Batter Replacement Guide for assistance in properly replacing the battery. Also, verify with your service provider that you have subscribed to Caller ID service with your local telephone company.

Caller ID error message ¶ 

If the Caller ID displays an error message, that means the telephone detects anything other than valid Caller ID information during the silent period after the first ring. This error message indicates the presence of noise on the line.

VoiceMail/In-use/Charge indicator flashes ¶ 

When you subscribe to a voice mail service from your phone company, the Voice Mail/In-use/Charge Indicator on the base flashes when the phone is not in use to indicate there is a voice mail waiting. It stops flashing after the voice mail has been reviewed.

Polyconcept 900-MHz dial tone issues and issues making phone calls ¶ 

You are having issues with the dial tone of the telephone. There is no dial tone or cannot dial out.

No dial tone ¶ 

Check if the AC/DC adaptor is connected to a working outlet and if the telephone line cord is connected to the base and wall jack. Disconnect the base from the wall jack and connect another phone to the same jack to ensure the jack is properly working. If there is no dial tone in the second phone, the problem might be your wiring or local phone service. Check if the handset is out of range with the base. Make sure the battery is properly charged for at least twelve continuous hours. Make sure the battery is installed correctly. If the handset beeps when you press the Talk Button, the battery may need to be charged.

Dial tone is working, but cannot dial out ¶ 

Make sure the tone/pulse setting is programmed correctly.

Polyconcept 900-MHz handset is having issues working properly ¶ 

You are having issues with the handset of the telephone. The handset does not ring or continuously beeps.

Handset does not ring ¶ 

Make sure the Ringer On/Off Switch on the handset it turned to the ON position. You may have too many extension phones on your line. Try unplugging some phones. If it still does not work, see solution above for No dial tone.

Handset beeps ¶ 

Place handset in base for twenty seconds to reset the security code. If it does not work, charge the battery for twelve continuous hours. Clean charging contacts on handset and base with a soft cloth to an eraser. Batter may need to be replaced. Please refer to the Batter Replacement Guide for assistance in replacing battery.

Polyconcept 900-MHz is having issues with the noise coming from the telephone ¶ 

You are having issues with the noise coming from the telephone.

Static, noise, or fading in and out ¶ 

Change channels on your telephone. Make sure your handset it not out of range by moving closer to the base. Check to see if the base needs to be relocated. Make sure to change the battery and that the base is not plugged into an outlet with another household appliance. Listen for static over your connection. If static is present, try adjusting the antenna by pressing lightly on it from one side to another to see if that eliminates the static. If the static does not dissipate, then the antenna is damaged and has to be replaced. Please refer to the Antenna Replacement Guide for assistance in replacing the antenna. Another option is to replace the microphone to improve noise, please refer to the Microphone Replacement Guide for assistance in replacing the microphone.

Cross-talk ¶ 

Listen for cross-talk. Cross-talk includes any situation in which two or more phone conversations are heard simultaneously. If cross-talk occurs, the problem is not inside the telephone, but rather inside the phone lines. Cross-talk can only be eliminated by your phone company.

Polyconcept 900-MHz is having trouble dialing from the directory ¶ 

You are having issues accessing the directory.

Dialing from directory ¶ 

Make sure you program the memory locations of directory and make sure to follow proper dialing sequence. Make sure the tone/pulse setting is programmed correctly. Make sure you reprogram directory after a power outage or battery replacement.

I found a polyconcepts phone at a thrift store and there aren’t any instructions. For starters, it has 40 channels, which do I choose?

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