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The Helicopter Is Unstable ¶ 

The helicopter wobbles during flight and is hard to keep in the air.

The Propellors Are Damaged ¶ 

If your helicopter is wobbling and hard to control, it may be a result of damaged blades. Examine each of the blades for cracks, bends, or breaks. If the damage is minor, you may be able to fix it with a bit of super glue. If the problem persists, or the damage is too severe to be repaired, you will need to replace either the [Ungültiger Anleitungslink], the [Ungültiger Anleitungslink], or both.

The Stabilizer Beam Is Damaged ¶ 

If the helicopter cannot remain stable, it could be caused by stabilizer beam damage. The stabilizer beam looks like a long, thin dumbbell and is located just below the upper rotors. Inspect it carefully for any sign of cracks, bends, or breaks. If there is damage, you can try using a bit of super glue to fix it. If this does not solve the problem, you will need to follow the steps for the [Ungültiger Anleitungslink]

The Helicopter Is Not Responding to the Joystick(s) ¶ 

Your helicopter flies, but you have a hard time getting it to respond to the joysticks. You may notice that it responds to one joystick, but not to the other, or that it responds sometimes, but not all of the time.

The Joystick(s) Are Cracked ¶ 

If your joysticks do not work properly, they may be cracked. Look closely at each joystick for any visible damage. If there is visible damage, follow the steps for Joysticks Replacement

The Controller Is Experiencing Interference ¶ 

The Propel Gyro-X helicopter has 3 separate channels that it will respond to. This allows you to change channels to prevent interference from other radio controlled devices. Try changing the channels to see if the helicopter responds better to another one.

The Remote Will Not Turn On ¶ 

You flip the controller to the on position, but the lights do not come on and the controller does not work.

The Batteries Are Not in the Correct Positions ¶ 

If you have recently changed the batteries in your remote, make sure that the batteries are correctly positioned. The positive end of the battery is indicated by a + sign, as is the positive side of the holder. The positive side of the battery should be on the positive side of the holder.

The Batteries Are Dead ¶ 

The AA batteries in the controller may simply be dead. Try changing them to see if this solves the problem.

The Helicopter Does Not Lift Off ¶ 

The helicopter's rotors are spinning, but it is unable to become airborne.

The Battery Is Low ¶ 

If the helicopter does not have enough power to get off the ground, the battery may simply be low. Try charging the battery.

The Drive Gears Are Stripped ¶ 

When the helicopter has lost power and is unable to fly, it may be because the drive gears are stripped. As you push the throttle, listen for noises such as grinding, squealing, or any other unusual sounds. If you do hear something, you may need to replace the Drive Gears

The Battery Is Bad ¶ 

If the helicopter is still unable to take off, even though the battery is charged and the gears are good, the battery may need to be replaced

The Rotors Are Not Spinning at All ¶ 

You push the throttle, but the helicopter's rotors do not move.

The Helicopter Is Off ¶ 

Check the switch at the bottom of the helicopter. If it is in the off position, switch it to on. If it is already on, try flipping it off; then flip it back on again.

The Remote Controller Is Off ¶ 

Check the switch at the top of the remote. If it is in the off position, switch it on. If it is in the on position, try flipping it to off and then back to on.

The Drive Gears are Disengaged or Damaged ¶ 

If the rotors are immobile, the drive gears may be severely damaged or no longer in contact with each other. While pressing the throttle forward, listen for the motors. If you can hear the motors, but the rotors do not move, the driving gears are broken or disengaged. Another sure sign of drive gear problems is if one rotor spins while the other does not. In either case, follow the steps for Drive Gear Replacement

The Battery Is Drained ¶ 

If the helicopter does not respond, its battery may be drained. Try charging it.

The Battery Is Bad ¶ 

If your helicopter's rotors are not spinning, it may also be an indication of a bad battery. First, try all other troubleshooting steps to be sure there is not another problem. If there are no other problems, and your helicopter still does nothing, you will need to follow the steps for Drive Gear Replacement

I can't seem to get it to charge there is. NO power. I'm stumped to what it. Oh be. I bought it new.

Michelle Wagers - Antwort

My nephew just got one for Christmas and the helicopter is turned off the prop still spins any known fix.

Lee - Antwort

My nephew just got this helicopter for Christmas and when you turn off the power on the helicopter the prop still spins any known fix to this

Lee - Antwort

We have the same issue and we got our daughter one for Christmas too.


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