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When making or receiving a call, there is noise or static on the line.

Check to make sure the phone cord going from the wall outlet to the phone base is securely fastened and is not damaged.

Change the channel by pressing the channel button to see if changing to a different channel clears up the static.

If you subscribe to a DSL service, be sure a DSL filter is plugged in to every phone jack that has a phone connected.

Plug the base unit into an electrical outlet that is not being used by any other device. Be sure AC adapter is securely seated. Verify the outlet has power. Each handset must be charged for an extended period before initial use. Check to see if battery is inserted correctly and the connection is secure. Try leaving the phone off the base until the battery is discharged, then recharge. If the handset is still not charged, replace battery.

Make sure phone line cord is connected securely at both ends into the correct jack. Check the phone cord to see that there is no damage. Try changing out the phone cord from the wall jack to the phone base unit. Make sure phone jack is working by plugging in a corded phone. Be sure handset is within range of base.

Make sure the volume is turned up by using the volume control button on the side of the handset.

You may need to replace the ear piece speaker.

When you press a button, the number does not show up on the LCD screen. The keypad may be dirty or damaged. First, try wiping the keypad with an alcohol wipe. If this does not solve the problem, you may need to replace the keypad.

I have already done several times the registration process of the four handsets of my RCA 25252. They show that the registration has completed but they return to the registration status. I've already done the procedure to go back to the factory status but the problem persists. What should I do?

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Ooops. The model is 25212… Tks!

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