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No matter what you push on the control box, it is not showing information.

Make sure the power supply is plugged into a functioning power outlet. If this has been verified continue.

Check to make sure the power supply is properly connected to control box. If this has been verified continue.

Inside of the of control box is a lithium ion battery. It may disrupt function if it is not inserted correctly, missing or needs to be replaced. If this does not resolve problem, continue.

It is possible that the display is bad. If this is the case it may need to be replaced.

If the problem is not resolved from the above it may be an issue with the control board.

Fixing control board

The dial knob will not turn.

Simply pull straight away from control box. Ensure it is clear of debris. If it is it may be necessary to remove control box cover. This can be done after knob is removed by pulling straight away from control box. Using control knob after ensuring it is free of debris test functionality. If this does not resolve the problem then it may be necessary to replace knob control. Note, this is a complicated process and requires detailed experience before attempting.

Sprinklers are not coming on.

Turn control knob to "Auto" and then press the manual override, located at the right corner. If the system comes on, go back to the user manual and adjust your automatic setting.

Make sure the electrical wiring coming from the from the sprinkler valves is connected properly. If these are connected correctly then evaluation of the sprinkler valves may be necessary to ensure wiring is connected correctly. These are generally located outside of the residential home and near the water main. It may also be related to the water sensor, see troubleshooting issues related to "water sensor".

Sprinklers are not coming on.

If water sensor is disconnected then it will not disrupt the functionality of the ESP-6TM system and may help in troubleshooting by simply disconnecting. If wiring is properly connected continue.

The water sensor is located on the exterior of the home. It needs to be cleaned per normal maintenance. Unscrew top and wash all parts including buoyant medium contained inside sensor with warm water. Before reassembly "it must" dry completely before reassembly. Follow user manual guidelines for care. If this does not resolve the issue then the sensor may need to be replaced.

Some sprinklers come on and others do not.

Ensure the wiring at the valves is connected and free of corrosion. If not clean and reconnect. If the wiring is connected correctly then continue.

The valves may be from many manufacturers as they are not specifically related to the model ESP-6TM as this is the control box. It is best to check user manual to further evaluate the valves related to that particular system.

Panel box show sprinkler is on, but, the sprinkler heads wont come on

linda webb - Antwort

Box comes on and show the pop up pic of the sprinkler as if its working, but heads wont pop up and there is no water

linda webb - Antwort

I also have one program that says it is on but no water. Other programs work just fine

James wilson - Antwort

Rainbird timer: I have grass seed I want to water four times throughout the day. It is set to start at 5 am. The sprinklers turn on about two hours apart and thus there is no water from noon on. Any idea if this is fixable?

BobZ - Antwort

Download the guide from the manufacturer’s website and see if you can figure it out. If not get a friend to help you…. Or try the manufacturer’s 800 number.

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