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Printer Won't Print ¶ 

The printer is not responding to print jobs in the queue.

Power Source is Disconnected ¶ 

Check to make sure printer is plugged in properly and that cord is intact.

Printer Needs to be Reset ¶ 

Turn the printer off and back on again.

Faulty Imaging Unit ¶ 

A pop-up window, aka the "Smart Panel," indicates that the printer has a faulty Imaging Unit. Replace this unit following this guide.

Printer Won't Print and Has Solid Red Status Light ¶ 

The printer won't print and the status light has changed from green to red.

Paper Tray is Empty ¶ 

Refill paper tray with new paper.

Paper Jam ¶ 

Open front panel and back panel. Dislodge any sheets of paper you find.

Front Panel Ajar ¶ 

Push front panel to assure it's clips are engaged.

Waste Toner Container Missing ¶ 

If waste toner is missing, you will need to insert a new one.

Waste Toner Container Full ¶ 

Empty the Waste Container (Guide?).

Waster Toner Container Worn Out ¶ 

Replace the Toner Container with a new one using this guide.

Printer Works but Has Blinking Red Status Light ¶ 

The status light has changed from green to blinking red.

Toner is Almost Empty ¶ 

Printer can still print if toner is low, but not reliably. Replace old toner cartridges with new cartridges to avoid inconsistencies.

Printer Won't Print, Plus Smart Panel Program Pop-Up Window ¶ 

You see this pop-window on your computer screen. It indicates that the Imaging Unit needs to be replaced.

Faulty Imaging Unit ¶ 

Follow these steps to replace the Imaging Unit.

Paper Doesn’t Feed ¶ 

The printer attempts to initiate but is not able to grab paper.

Faulty Feeder Roller ¶ 

Remove paper tray. Turn printer on it's backside so you can access the underbelly. Locate small roller. Clean roller … or … rough up roller with abrasive material like sand paper.

Poor Print Quality ¶ 

There are problems with the way your document looks.

Blurry Print Quality ¶ 

Follow these steps to replace the Fuser Unit.

Uneven Print Quality - Faded in Spots ¶ 

Follow these steps to replace the Toner Roller (Guide).

Unwanted Lines on Document ¶ 

Follow the above steps to replace the Toner Roller.

Samsung CPL 300 red comes on immediately after initial switch-on. Noticed that toner waste sensor light might be broken....does that have an effect or can it be simply be bypassed thankyou

Rene Thevenaz - Antwort

The toners are full and no paper jam . The front cover is tight. The waste tank is OK. The green status light comes on for about three seconds and then changes to solid red.Someone suggested that it might be the power supply is weak. Has anyone had this happen before? Thanks! Michael

Michael Nolan - Antwort

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