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The Screen Appears Blurry

The display is fuzzy or unreadable when you use the headset.

The Lenses are Out of Focus

There is a wheel located at the top of the headset used to adjust the focus. Spin the wheel while wearing the headset until the screen is clear. If the focus wheel is not functioning, refer to our guide here on how to replace the focus wheel.

The Lenses are Dirty

The lenses on the headset may have fingerprints or dust on them. Clean both lenses with cotton or microfiber cloth. If uncleanable, refer to our replacement guide here.

The Lenses are Damaged

If a lens within the device is scratched or damaged, it can cause blurry display. If your lenses need to be replaced, refer to our guide here on how to do so.

The Plastic Film is Not Removed

Brand new headsets have a protective film on both lenses. Remove these if they are still on the front side of the lenses.

The Phone Won’t Plug in to the Headset

Your phone physically won’t connect to the Samsung Gear via the phone’s USB port.

Your Phone is Not Compatible

The Samsung Gear VR headset is only compatible with the following phones: Galaxy Note9, S9, S9+, Note8, S8, S8+, S7, S7 edge, Note5, S6 edge+, S6, S6 edge, A8 Star, A8, and A8+. The phone's USB port should be pressed onto the USB connector until you feel a gentle click.

The USB Connector is Broken

The USB connector on the headset is broken and may need to be replaced, refer to our guide here on how to do so.

The USB Port on the Phone is Broken

Alternatively, the port on the phone is broken and may need replacing. Check a guide for your Samsung device for more information on how to replace.

The Screen is Black

When putting on the headset, the display is blank and shows no sign of being on.

Your Phone Is Off

Ensure that the phone is powered on and the brightness is adjusted to the proper level.

Your Phone is Not Properly Plugged In

The phone may go into “sleep mode” and turn itself off if it is not properly plugged into the Samsung Gear VR headset. Unplug the phone, then plug it back in again.

The Software is Outdated

Make sure you have the most recent versions of the Oculus and Gear VR service apps. If you have verified that both are fully updated, uninstall then reinstall both apps.

Other Apps are Interfering with the Oculus App

Sometimes, power management apps and the Facebook app have caused problems with the Oculus app. Uninstall these apps, then restart the Oculus app.

The Controller Not Responding

While attempting to use the controller, it provides no input.

The Device is Not Connected

Ensure the controller is connected via Bluetooth to your device.

The Batteries in the Controller are Dead

Ensure the batteries in the controller is fully or partially full before using it. The controller uses AAA batteries. Refer to our guide here on how to replace the controller batteries.

The Controller Buttons are Broken

The buttons may be severely damaged or worn down. Refer to our guide here on how to replace them.

The Headset is Overheating

There is a noticeable rise in temperature while you are using the headset.

The Battery is Drained

Remember to not use the device for long periods of time.

Your Phone is Charging During Use

Be sure to charge your phone prior to connecting to the headset. You should not be charging your phone and using the headset at the same time.

Apps are Running in the Background

Close down all unnecessary background apps. These use up the phone's processing power and heat up your phone.

Your Phone is Too Bright

Your phone's brightness could be contributing to the overheating. Dim the brightness on your phone to less than half of maximum brightness.

The Trackpad is Not Responding to Touch

Nothing is happening when you press/touch the trackpad on headset.

There are Software Issues

In order to avoid software issues, make sure to operate through the Oculus VR app. Sometimes the apps lag and will not work if they are not run through the proper device, so run all apps through the Oculus VR app and try again.

There is Too Much Pressure on the Trackpad

Applying too much pressure to the trackpad can cause it to not register the touch. Lightly touch the trackpad and try again.

The Trackpad is Damaged

If nothing else works, you may need to replace the trackpad on the side of the headset. Refer go our guide here for steps on how to do so.

The Screen is in the Wrong Orientation

When looking through the headset, the orientation is off-axis or doesn’t look right.

The Default View is Wrong

Go into settings and reset your view in the display tab, this will re-orientate the headset in the right direction.

The Gyroscope is Broken

The gyroscope located inside the headset may be broken or uncalibrated.

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