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Did you punch your screen? Be honest...

If your screen is showing nothing or an explosion of all the colors after an 'accident' your screen is broken. This will necessitate the procurement of a new one.

If you really didn't punch your screen and it's showing nothing, you have some loose wires. Fortunately, this is as easy as plugging them back in.

I press the on button, however the laptop won't show any sign of turning on!

Check to make sure the power adapter is plugged in. If it is, make sure the light on the adapter is on. If the light is not on, and the adapter is plugged in, the adapter is faulty. Consider purchasing a replacement adapter.

When my laptop is plugged into its charger it functions fine, but when I unplug it from the wall charger, it instantly shuts off.

If the adapter is plugged in, and the light on the adapter is on, make sure the adapter is connect to the laptop. If the laptop only powers up when the adapter is plugged in, regardless of charging time, then the battery is faulty.

While I am using the laptop, the laptop shuts off randomly and without warning.

A computer spontaneously shutting down is never a good thing. This is typically indicative of a cooling problem.

Is your laptop hot to the touch? Is it making a loud "whirring" sound?

If the answer to one or both of these questions is yes, you have a cooling problem.

Your computer has built in safeties to prevent damage if your computer gets too hot. In order to prevent said damage it will shut off unexpectedly.

Try blowing on your vents which are on the left side of your computer.

If your laptop is hot to the touch, but makes no "whirring" sound your fan has likely failed.

If your laptop does not feel hot to the touch after running for a while, but still will not boot up, you may not have enough RAM or even broken RAM. Either way, if RAM is the problem it's time for a replacement.

I turn on my laptop, but instead of loading the Windows operating system, it shows me an error message.

If your computer crashes during normal operation, crashes during memory intensive tasks, or beeps and will not boot up, this means you either have bad RAM or not enough RAM.

Even though you have a hard drive in your computer, there may be an error on it. This can happen when the user shuts off the computer by pressing the power button instead of initiating the shutdown sequence through the operating system. To resolve this issue, get a Windows DVD for the version that you have. Please note that the specific version does not matter, only that it is for Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8. Boot to the DVD, and choose “Repair your computer,” then click next. On this screen, select “Startup Repair” and let it run. After this, your Device should boot correctly. If your computer does not boot correctly and still has issues, your hard drive may need to be replaced.

I put my USB Drive into the USB port, but I can't see it anywhere.

Your ports may simply be dirty. Try blowing on your USB ports to dislodge any debris and try again.

If blowing on it doesn't work, it's time to disassemble your computer and replace the USB port. Don't worry, this is an easy fix. Or your could go the rest of your life without USB ports. Your choice.

I want to use a CD in my laptop, but the CD drive does not function properly.

This means motor failure. In addition, it means you have to buy another optical drive.

This means the laser that reads your disk is dead. Don't worry, it probably went to Heaven. Depending on what you've been looking at. Again, time for a new optical drive.

My laptop gets very hot.

Try blowing on your vents, which should be located on the left side of your computer. Alternatively, you can use a can of compressed air to carefully blow the dust off the vents.

If your laptop is hot to the touch, but makes no "whirring" sound your fan has likely failed. If this is the case, your fan will need to be replaced.

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