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SodaStream Fountain Jet A200 Troubleshooting

Model A200 - Black/Silver or Red Colors Uses 60L or 130 L Carbonators

High pitched noise emanating from device ¶ 

When the button is pressed, a high pitch noise comes from the machine. However, carbonation is appearing in the beverage.

Carbonation tube is loose ¶ 

The black tube that pumps the CO2 into the beverage, can become loose over time. While the SodaStream will still work properly, it will make an unpleasant noise. A new tubing line installed will help seal the device enough around the pump to prevent the noise rather than using the old tubing line. See our guide for instructions.

No carbonation appearing in beverages ¶ 

When the carbonation button is pressed the machine does not make the normal sound and no carbonation appears in beverage.

CO2 canister is empty and needs to be replaced ¶ 

If the machine is not making any noise and your beverages remain flat (no carbonation), the CO2 canister may be empty. To fix this, simply purchase and install a new SodaStream CO2 tank. For detailed instructions visit this guide.

Extra washers are present in machine ¶ 

From time to time, when the device is manufactured, it is not uncommon for an extra washer to be accidentally installed. The extra washer interrupts the path the CO2 takes to the beverage, leading to flat beverages. For detailed instructions on the removal of a washer visit this guide.

Worn out washers ¶ 

The device's washers do get worn down after time and can break. When these washers become broken, it does not properly allow the CO2 to flow into the beverage resulting in flat beverages. Simply purchase a new washer and replace. Click here to be taken to the replacement guide.

Carbonation button will not move, unable to carbonate beverages. ¶ 

The carbonation button is stuck and will not come back up.

Spring for carbonation button is broke ¶ 

The carbonation button is controlled by a small spring located directly under it. Sometimes, this spring may become stuck, or even break. This spring is an essential part in carbonation control in the beverages. See our guide for instructions.

The guide does not show what to do if the button is stuck only what to do with washers.

jenannelias - Antwort

My machine completely broke apart!

mark - Antwort

I have large white chunks coming out with the carbonation. Is that normal?

Sheri Diehl - Antwort

That's ice. The CO2 gas comes out through the nozzle and immediately expands due to it suddenly not being pressurized in the tank. When a gas expands rapidly, it cools, which will then cool the water into which it's being injected. If the water you're using is cold to begin with, some will freeze and form little ice crystals at the head of the nozzle. Which will then melt in a few seconds. All of this won't happen if you start with water at room temp.

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