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Sony Bloggie 3D Player Troubleshooting Guide


Issues connecting to the computer

Dirty or Broken USB Port

The USB port may be dirty or broken, or the camera's operating system is incompatible with your computer's systems. If the USB port is the issue, either clean or replace the USB Drive.

Error: Unsupported Data or File error appears when trying to play back a movie in the camera

If you see this message, either your movie was recoreded by a different video camera or the movie file was edited or converted to a format your computer doesn't support.

In this case, you need to find another computer or camera that will support the type of video you are trying to play, as the bloggie won't be able to play this video.

Error: REINSERT THE MEMORY CARD is displayed on the LCD screen

Inserted media is not supported by the camera

Check that you are using a memory card that is supported by the Sony Bloggie 3D.

Terminals of the memory card are dirty

Use a clean pencil eraser and clean the memory card's terminals by lightly rubbing them with the eraser. This will remove any build up of oxidization or dirt.

The memory card is damaged

The only option at this point is to get a new memory card.

Your settings need to be changed

You need to turn on Flicker Cancel or Flicker Reduction. You can find this option in the camera menu. These settings reduces the flickering that commonly occurs while recording in fluorescent lighting.

The camera will not continue recording a movie even thought he memory capacity is not full

“I have only been shooting for 30 minutes and it wont let me record anymore.”

Device is limited to 25-29 minutes and maximum size of one file is 2 GB. Recording is automatically stopped when the file size reaches 2 GB or if 25-29 minutes of constant recording occurs. You can either upload film to computer to free up space or, once you have used up all the space, you can upload to your computer and delete the film from the device, and then continue recording.

The camera does not store date and time

After the camera is turned off, the date and time is not properly stored into the device.

Depleted/Dead Battery

Plug your Boggie 3D into your computer to charge. If it does not charge when connected to your computer, you probably have a dead battery and need to replace it. If the battery does charge but only lasts for a short time when the camera is turned on, then you probably have a depleted battery. You will also need to replace the battery using this guide.

Do something to show how to unfreeze it!!!!! Mine’s won’t unfreeze. I need it to blog, my viewers are getting annoyed I haven’t posted in a couple of days!! This stuff on here isn’t even helpful to me in any ways. Buy any means this thing won’t unfreeze!! It’s starting to irritate me!

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