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The camera is not activating or shows no signs responding.

Check that the camera is off before installing the battery. Make sure that the battery in installed in the correct position and the eject lever is in place.

Make sure the battery is fully charged. If the battery has been charged and has been inserted correctly, then the battery may need replacement. When charging the battery, a light should turn on. If the light does not turn on, the charger may need replacement.

If the the battery terminals or slot is dirty, it may interfere with the camera’s ability to receive signals from the battery to turn on. Simply wipe the battery and the battery slot clean with a soft cloth to remove any grime.

The camera is having trouble with functions such as recording images, zooming, or color correcting

If the pictures you take are only recording on the internal camera memory and not on the memory stick, check to see if the memory stick is inserted all the way.

The capacity on the internal memory or memory stick may be full. If it is full you can either get a new memory stick, or delete unnecessary images. To delete images, either hit the play button to put the camera in playback mode and then hit the delete button to delete the current image, or select multiple images (denoted by a check mark) and then delete several pictures at once.

If you are charging the flash, you cannot record images. Wait until after the flash is charged, then record.

Make sure the demo mode is set to off. You can do this by going through the following steps: Menu, Settings, Main Settings, Demo Mode, OFF

Your camera has three zoom modes. The most basic zoom mode is the Digital Zoom. If your Digital Zoom mode is not working, it may be set in Superior Auto Mode or Background Defocus Mode. If it is, switch the mode and it might fix your problem. If not, check to see if Scene Selection is set to Backlight Correction HDR mode or Advanced Sport Shooting mode. The Digital Zoom will not work in either of these modes.

Optical Zoom is a function of the Digital Zoom mode that allows the image to be zoomed in up to 10x. This is a function of the lens, so often the quality is much better than the quality of other zoom functions. If your Optical Zoom is not working, check to see if you are in Sweet Panorama mode or 3D Shooting Mode. The Optical Zoom function will not work if these modes are turned on.

Smart Zoom can be enabled after Optical Zoom is maxed out. It allows you to zoom the image in only to the point where it will not be distorted. If Smart Zoom is not working, the image size may be too large. Check the Sony Troubleshooting guide linked at the bottom of this section for exact size requirements for Smart Zoom.

For more information, check Sony's Troubleshooting Website.

Try changing the white balance setting to something that better fits the lighting you are working with, such as Fluorescent, Cloudy, or Daylight.

Miscellaneous problems

If the optical lens of the camera is fogging, power off the camera to allow the camera to cool. During use, the camera will generate heat with causes lingering moisture to condense in the optical lens. Powering off the camera allows the camera to cool and the fog to be released from the optical lens. There isn’t much you can do about moisture being inside of your optical lens.

Grid |Lines not on but have the setting saying gridlines is on?

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