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Phone doesn't turn on or works slowly

You cannot get your phone to turn on or it is not working as fast as it should.

Phone needs to restart

Restart your phone every day to free your memory. Your phone is like a mini computer so it can have data overload.

Battery is discharged

Make sure your battery is fully charged. If you don't let your phone charge correctly it affects the battery performance.

If the battery is completely drained, it may take up to 30 minutes of charging before the battery-charging icon appears on the screen.

Memory card is damaged

Remove the memory card (if you have one). If the phone turns on after removing the card you might need a new memory card.

Screen is not displaying properly

Your screen is cracked or unexpectedly colorful.

Screen is damaged

The screen could be damaged and needs to be replaced. Follow the repair guide for replacing the screen. Screen Replacement

Contacts do not appear

All my contacts disappeared!

SIM card is malfunctioning or broken

Make sure your SIM card is properly installed in the phone and functioning. Replace the SIM card if it is damaged or broken. Follow the repair guide for installing the SIM card. SIM card installation

Phone doesn't charge or the battery level is low at all times

After charging your phone all day it still says low battery.

Battery connectors need to be cleaned

Remove the battery and clean the connectors. This creates a better connection which improves the charge of your battery. If you need more help follow the manual on how to replace your battery. Battery Replacement.

Battery is worn out

The battery is worn out and needs to be replaced. If you have owned your phone for more than two years there is a high possibility your battery needs replacement.

Charger connection is poor

The phone is not properly connected to the charger or the battery connection is poor. Make sure you connect your phone correctly before you let it charge.

Phone keys do not work

Not even excessive force will produce a key to work.

There is a Motherboard problem

The motherboard is the most important component of your phone so if it is damaged you definitely need to replace it.

Wires are loose or keys are broken

The keypad has a poor connection to the board which means some wires are loose. See keyboard repair manual for information on how to replace it. Keyboard Replacement.

No sound comes out of the phone

Your phone is giving you the silent treatment.

Phone volume is low or off

The volume on the phone is low or your phone is on silent. Go to your phone setting and increase the volume and/or take your phone out of silent mode.

Phone speakers are broken

The speaker on your phone might be damaged.

Volume key is broken

Volume key has a poor connection making it unresponsive.

phone shows no network coverage or emergency calls only

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