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"I want to use the Walkie Talkies, but they will not connect to each other"

Check to make sure there are batteries in both devices, then turn them on with the power button.

Once the devices are on, click and hold the Mode button until both devices are connected.

"I want to use the Walkie Talkies, but I can't get them to turn on"

Check that the devices both have batteries in them. On the back of the device is a cover that must be removed in order to put batteries in. When batteries are in device, the Power Button needs to be switched over to turn on the device.

"When the Walkie Talkies are connected, the front-facing camera won't work"

After opening the top part of the toy, check and see if the ribbon connector is fully plugged in and has no faults or tears. If it does, the camera needs replaced. As long as the female end is connected to the board well, then then the camera needs replaced

"When using headphones, I hear no sound coming through"

Test headphones through phone or computer jack to assure headphones work properly.

If sound is spotty through headphones, audio jack may be loose. In this case, take the device apart, locate the headphone jack, unsolder the jack, and find a replacement.

"I opened the Walkie Talkie and the screen is broken and I can't see anything"

If the screen is not working or broken then you will have to replace the entire circuit board on the top part of the toy. The screen is soldered to the board directly by a ribbon.

"I was trying to change the volume and it wouldn't work because the buttons were moving together"

If the buttons next to the screen are sticking together then remove front cover and then break them apart simply by bending them where connected.

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