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Power Distortion ¶ 

No lights, sounds, or functions are displayed

Power Switch Is Off ¶ 

To begin playing, slide to the power switch to the ON position at the bottom of The Claw. Place a token in the slot. The music should being playing as an indicator that The Claw is powered on.

No Batteries In The Claw ¶ 

Place 3 D batteries in the battery compartment. Do not mix alkaline, standard, or rechargeable batteries.

Battery is Depleted ¶ 

Change the current batteries in the battery compartment with 3 new D batteries. Do not mix alkaline, standard, or rechargeable batteries. For assistance in replacing the batteries, refer to The Claw Battery Replacement guide.

Faulty Power Switch ¶ 

In rare circumstances the device might encounter a failure in the power switch. If this is the case slide the switch to the OFF position at the bottom of The Claw machine.

Faulty Circuit Board ¶ 

The claw will not function properly if the circuit board is fried. Unfortunately if this is the case the circuit board will need to be replaced and there is no simple solution. For help in replacing the fault board, reference The Claw Circuit Board Replacement guide.

Claw Malfunction ¶ 

None of the claw functions work

The Claw Is Weak ¶ 

Make sure to use new batteries of the same type and brand. In many cases fresh new batteries will sole the problem and The Claw will function properly. Also after a certain amount of use even the new batteries will weaken and will have to be related. The amount of time the unit will function properly between replacements will depend on how often The Claw is used and the quality of the batteries. Check this out to help you replace the batteries The Claw Battery Replacement guide.

The Claw is Overfilled ¶ 

Too much candy/toys have been placed within the claw machine. Remove some of the candy/toys. If problem is not resolved use different types of candy/toys. The items may be too large, too small, or too heavy.

Claw Does Not Open ¶ 

Use the joystick to move the crane near the right sidewinder the compartment which is used to fill the prizes or candy. Open the compartment which is used to fill the prizes or candy. Open the compartment on the top, reach inside and pull the chain gently up towards the opening. Use your hands to gently open the claw then release it and try again. If the claw is still not working and you need assistance in replacing the plastic claw, reference The Claw "Claw" Replacement guide.

Faulty Music Player ¶ 

Device is not playing music or making sounds

Dust Trapped In Opening ¶ 

The first place to check if your device is not making any sounds or playing music would be the sound ports. Once you locate the sound ports, check to see if there are any obstructions blocking the ports. Remove the obstruction by hand if possible or it there is dust or dirt in the ports try to blow it out with an air duster. To get help on reaching the speaker have a look at The Claw Music Player Cleaning guide.

Damaged Speaker ¶ 

It is possible that the speaker inside the claw is broken and needs to be replaced. This requires the dis-assembly of the device in order to access the speaker. Once you have access to the speaker you will need to replace it with an equivalent speaker. For additional assistance in reaching the speaker, visit The Claw Music Player Replacement guide.

Glass Case is Damaged/ Cracked ¶ 

The glass case that contains the candy and toys is broken or damaged

Replace The Glass ¶ 

Minor scuffs and scratches can be removed with a light rubbing compound. In cases where the damage is beyond light scratches, you will need to completely replace the glass. For assistance in replacing the case check out, The Claw Case Replacement guide, it will most likely need to be replaced.

New Machine ¶ 

Unfortunately if replacing the exterior glass case of The Claw is unsuccessful the purchase of a new machine is required.

Everytime the claw picks up piece of candy when we go up with it the claws open and drops candy..the claws don't stay shut when raising them up..what could be wrong

shell.lawson73 - Antwort

I need help with the motor. I opened up the motor for the claw to put the chain back on its gear. Which was successful. But the gears all fell out ,:( I joust need a schematic to put them back in the right place

Cassaundra Lewis - Antwort

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