Troubleshooting Wahl Trimmer

No Power ¶ 

Battery Replacement ¶ 

If your electric Wahl Razor will not turn on, one problem could be the batter needs to be changed. In order to do this, the back must be unclipped and taken off. The battery is then attached in between two prongs. The battery is then removed and replaced with a Battery Set, 2 "AA" Ni-Cad 2.4. Once installed reattach the back of the shaver and push the power button.

Replace Cord ¶ 

If your electric Wahl razor has had the battery replaced and still will not turn on, the issue could be with the power cord. Replace the power cord with Wahl Charger 9854L, 9876L. Then attempt the charge and turn on the electric razor.

The Blades are jammed ¶ 

If there is a jam with the Wahl Razor there could be something caught in the blades at the tip. In this case, the blades should be taken out, checked for hair, and replaced. The tips must be unclipped and removed. Then unscrew the top two screws and the remove the broken blades and replace with the new one. Once the blades are put back in, the tips are reattached and the razor should be good to go.

The blades could possibly be bent. In this case the previous steps would be followed and blades would be replaced. Wahl 1045 Precision Clipper Blade Set

Like the dead motor hairs could be stuck in the blades preventing them to move freely. Use the small brush to wipe away anything near the blades that could prevent it from moving and then apply the oil and try to use them. If nothing happens you must take apart the blades and replace them.

Trimmers Stopped working ¶ 

Drained/ Dead Battery ¶ 

If your trimmer won't turn on, especially if it has not been used recently, you may simply have a drained battery. Plug your trimmer into your charger and see if anything happens. Ideally your trimmer will recognize it has been connected to a power source and charge its battery. If it will no longer charge, it must be replaced with a new battery.

Motor is dead ¶ 

If the motor won’t move you might have just jammed it with small specs of hair. If you use the oil provided with the trimmer it will lube the motor and should solve the problem. If not then you can assume you must replace the motor.

Attachment stuck on the trimmer ¶ 

If your attachments are stuck on the trimmer it just means you had put them on wrong and should take them off and put them on the right way. They are fairly durable so don’t worry about breaking them, if you do then just purchase a new set.

Blades to Attachment are jammed ¶ 

If the attachments’ blades are jammed then like the normal blades just apply the oil provided in the kit and use the brush to remove any stray hairs or things that could be preventing the blades to move freely.

The link below will send directly to an online outlet for all Wahl products and accessories.

My stainless steel won't turn off. It's stuck on and will only turn off if I plug it in but when I unplug it then it goes back on. Please help.

Google Plus Sucks - Antwort

My stainless steel is doing the exact same thing. It won't turn off. The only way to get it to shut off is to plug in the charger.

truss27 - Antwort

Same thing here...I send a communication to the company...any ideas? Let it die and recharge? Or is the switch defective?

James E O'Brien MD - Antwort

Just purchased my Wahl trimmer yesterday at Costco. I charged it for the first time, turned it on and can't turn it off like others with the same complaint.

Alan Bond - Antwort

same problem. Can't turn it off. Was not able to turn it on either. the model is 9818L.

shannonkim05 - Antwort

Hi! I see you have/had a Wahl 9818L trimmer. I have one too and am trying to order a part for it but the model is not listed on their website! Might you have the book that came with the trimmer? I am hoping to obtain the SKU number for the part I need. Any and all help appreciated, THANKS! My email address is david (dot)

David Permenter -

I don't know that particular unit, but... Some units have a small red plastic plug in the bottom that prevents the unit from turning on during travel type situations. The plug just pulls out and then the nit is good to go. Take a look! Good luck...

David Permenter -

I just used mine and I'm now in the same boat, it won't shut off. Did any of you figure out what the problem ia

jessicanyoka123 - Antwort

Pulled it out of the box and it worked until I turned it off. Now won't turn back on? Kinda a POS

Nick Gould - Antwort

Just purchased the trimmer. charged it up. used once. now won't turn off. Same as all the previous complaints. what gives???

Michael Tymon - Antwort

My Wahl 9818 wont turn on. I charged it and the blue light flashes and wont go off unless I plug the charger in.

John - Antwort

Ok. Mine 9818 turns on, makes the buzzing sound, blades move. Now how to cut hair? Ran it over my beard for 10 minutes. Nothing. Only a few small snippets . Tried no combs on my arm. No hear cut... Took blades off a few times thinking they weren't seated right... I give up..

paul - Antwort

Everyone!!!! Just plug tour trimmer in and it will stop. Then, don't run it under water while it's ON, ever again. ☺

Justin Lynn - Antwort

Exactly the same as everyone else. 9818, turns on and won't turn off.

Read somewhere that it happens when moisture gets into the unit. Mine had not been in water directly but must have residual moisture. Put the trimmer in the cool spring sun for about 2 hours and all seems to be back to normal again.

Seems the trick is to dry it out completely. Hope this helps someone out there.

Dan Carson - Antwort

Model 9818 will not turn off. Very, very disappointed with Wahl.

Michel Roubaix - Antwort

A spring has fallen out whilst cleaning the blade, now hubby has no idea where it goes. HELP !!!!!!! Please !!!!

Gail - Antwort

Hi Gail, same thing happened to my son's trimmer. The spring goes right into the center hole standing up vertically. It should drop right in. It makes sense because the blades need to spring up and down over facial contours. Joan

Joan Plander -

While cleaning my mod.9855 trimmer I find there are no instructions to reassemble correctly.Is there a schematic available on line showing proper procedure.

tahoe Don -Oct8

Donald Beaton -

How to refix spring?????

syedshakereng - Antwort

I bought my clipper set maybe six months ago and it worked very nicely. Now it hardly cuts at all with the attachments on, and why would I want to use the clippers without them? Can anyone say 'hack job'? It only works if I hold the fur up to a bared set of blades, NOT good technique at all. I keep the blade oiled and I just tried sharpening and aligning the blades per video instruction. Nada. I have to make 20 swipes to clear a 4" area of HALF the fur. WTH is always going wrong with clippers?! Why can't they ever just cut like a hot knife through butter all the time? This is barely half a dozen uses for two dogs so yes, I am mighty steamed over it.

Jenn Cunningham - Antwort

How to removing of battery and we don't know about battery exchange plz reply

Channa - Antwort

Bought for my husband and doesn't shut off unless plugged in? Is this how it is suppose to work? Has anyone heard anything from company?

kathleen lappin - Antwort

in the port where you plug in the charger, there is two prongs, and one of them is stuck in the charger so they won't charge, help!!

padgesilk - Antwort

Really confused that so many have my problem that it wont turn off and received no reply on how to fix the f*%cken problem.

dazz - Antwort

Same issue with the power button doing weird things, and this is the second one I buy. I opened the thing up to see if I could add hot glue or grease to prevent water from causing trouble. The issue is not just the button, once I completely disassembled this thing, I found out that just by touching the pads where the button/LED pcb is soldered to the main pcb, the thing can turn on/off by itself. This likely means a floating pin that detects the switch or some other bad design issue (call the company and get a refund). I could spend some time reverse engineering the circuit, but since I have designed stuff like this before, it would be a LOT easier/faster/better for me to redesign the PCB from scratch (and maybe add some features!). So... stay tuned... I might decide to spiffy it up and fix this.

if anyone is interested, send me an email to, would be nice to hear what people think and what features might be cool to add (Bluetooth anyone??)

Jerry - Antwort

same issue won't turn off

nick Flutter - Antwort

Most of the time it is a moisture issue. Tap water is a very poor conductor of electricity, add soap and it becomes an excellent one. WD-40 displaces (gets rid of it) moisture. It won't hurt anything and should help with any blade lubrication issues you may have (lack of oil on the blades). #1 phillips screwdriver and a can of WD, use the straw. Apply liberally, wipe down excess from the exterior and enjoy your trimmer. Hands down the best trimmer I have ever had. Keep the thing dry it's not designed to be used underwater goof!

Cf steed -

Just ordered branded new hero trimmers, took them out of the box, plugged them in, and they won't turn on. I've taken them apart to see if anything was stuck, I tried oiling them...nothing helps. They haven't even been out of the box for 20 minutes and have not even touched any hair.

jonny_be_good10 - Antwort

Just bought the trimmer

Attachment can not be dislodged

I put them right and it can be adjusted very well but not removed

Ezzeldin Sakr - Antwort

I need instructions on replacing the power cord on the Wahl razor edger trimmers

Gregory Bankston - Antwort

No power in the charger

the light is off I trying to find out

but nothing change

Asif - Antwort

No power in the charger

i try to find out but the light is off never on

Asif - Antwort

Is there a way to adjust the blades of the Wahl beard trimmer model no 9639


Irvine Ndjavera - Antwort

Is there a way to adjust the blades of the Wahl beard trimmer model no 9639 for a dinner trim

Irvine Ndjavera - Antwort

My chromabo clippers keeps beeping on charger and it not charged help please

Dorothy Blue - Antwort

My chromabo clippers beep while charging and it is not charged please

Dorothy Blue - Antwort

I just tried to use my Wahl electric hair clippers (which has no battery) and there was a POP… it didn’t break the Ground Fault circuit, but it won’t even turn on anymore.

Is there an internal reset switch? It doesn’t smell of smoke and it didn’t get hot, it just POPPED and died.

This is only the second time I’ve tried to use it!

h.bean - Antwort

Trimmer blades are getting stuck and pulling my hair. Have replaced it 6 times and bought three new units with the same result and no-one in the store can tell me what the !&&* is causing it. Keep the blades clean, brush and oil the blades, any knowledge would be appreciated to stop it from happening.

liquidnightrogen - Antwort

My stainless trimmers light wont shut off. Is on constantly on or off.

Keith Herron - Antwort

My stainless trimmers light will not turn off ever.

Keith Herron - Antwort

Just bought a trimmer, put it straight on charge and noticed that the pin on the power cord does not go all the way in to the charge hole, is this normal???

andywish31 - Antwort

I accidentally pushed down the metal guide without a blade attached and don’t know how to pop it back up

Joy Hicks - Antwort

I was traveling ant the blade was in 4 pieces tried to puzzle ot together but still cant figure it out. Annoying lol. Can ya do a video. On blade assembly wahl # 9818L


h7ayala - Antwort

9818L Stainless steel trimmer was working fine then I plugged it in to recharge and the blue light went on and then off a few seconds later now its dead and I can’t charge it or turn it on it does nothing. For an expensive unit this thing seems like a POS. John

John Biasi - Antwort

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