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No matter what you do, you can't get your tabalet to turn on.

Plug your power supply into the power port and let the tablet charge for at least two hours

A common problem with Android-based tablets is that if their battery is fully discharged for more than 24 hours, it may not turn on when the On/Off button is pushed even if the battery was charged back up. In this situation, hold the On/Off button AND the Volume+ button down until the screen activates. You should only have to hold the buttons down for 30-45 seconds. This action effectively reboots the tablet. If this does not work, try holding the On/Off AND Volume- button down as before.

It is possible that the power supply is not working. Refer to the troubleshooting step on not seeing a charging indicator when the power supply is plugged in. If you do see a charging indicator, there could be a problem with the battery pack itself. They do degrade over time with each charging cycle and can get to the point they will no longer hold a charge. To determine if the battery pack needs replacement and how to replace it, refer to the battery replacement guide at: Xelio P1001A-BK Battery Pack Replacement

I can't get any sound when playing music or videos

Press the volume+ button until the desired sound level is reached. If sound is still not heard, play a different media file to check if the problem is with the file and/or website. If still no sound then there is an internal problem with the tablet that needs to be checked. Consult the speaker replacement guide at: Xelio P1001A-BK Speakers Replacement Guide

I can't get a Wi-Fi connection and I never see the Wi-Fi indicator on the screen

Go to Settings on the table and make sure the W-Fi is turned on. If it is but the tablet is not indicating that it is detecting a Wi-Fi signal, go to a location that you know is broadcasting Wi-Fi and try again. If Wi-Fi is still not detected then the tablet has an internal problem that should be checked. Consult the Wi-Fi antenna replacement guide at: Xelio P1001A-BK Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement Guide

I can't see an image from the camera or the image is gray and blurry.

Sometimes a plastic screen protector for the tablet, if one was applied, can come loose or become marred from use. If this happens over the point on the tablet above the screen, then it can blur or cause the image to be discolored. Check to make sure the screen protector is in good condition over the camera opening and check to make sure not other obstructions, such as plastic wrapping or colored tape, is not over the lens. If the lens is clear, then refer to the guide for service and replacing the lens at: Xelio P1001A-BK Camera Service and Replacement Guide

I don't see the charging indicator by the battery icon when the power supply is plugged in.

A common cause for power not being delivered to a device is a broken wire coming out of the power supply. With a volt-ohm meter, check the voltage coming out of the power plug. If no voltage is detected, replace the power supply. If there is voltage at the plug, indicating a good power supply, then there may be a problem with the power socket on the tablet. Consult the power socket replacement guide at: Xelio P1001A-BK Power Sockt Replacement Guide

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