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iFit Act Troubleshooting

When the button is pressed, nothing happens.

If the iFit Act does not turn on when the button is pressed, you may need to replace the battery with a new one.

If the iFit Act does not turn on, you may need to perform a hard reset (refer to iFit Act Battery Replacement for instructions).

Information on the app doesn’t show up on the website. Information on the website doesn’t show up on the app.

Check to make sure the phone’s Bluetooth is marked “visible.” Then, with the app open, try re-syncing the device. To re-sync, press the tracker pod’s button once and release when it turns red. Press the button again, then keep holding the button until it blinks (red) rapidly. The blue bar on the phone should load (from left to right across the top of the screen). The iFit recommended syncing frequency for the tracker is at least once a week; otherwise the data recorded on the tracker pod will be deleted.

Refresh the webpage; wait five minutes for the page to update. If the app and website don’t sync when you login to the website, logout before attempting to login again. Sync the app to the phone before attempting to sync to the website. If the app and website don’t sync automatically, you may need to wait a few hours.

The iFit Act isn’t recording my sleep, or that information isn’t showing up on my app.

If the iFit Act will not sync your sleep data, try adding the information manually from the app (not the website). Information added manually to the app syncs to the website; information added manually to the website does not consistently sync to the app.

After trying to log a workout on the tracker, my steps don’t show on the app.

If the pedometer data does not appear on the website, try waiting a couple of minutes and then refreshing the website.

If the pedometer data does not appear on the app, try waiting a couple of minutes before re-syncing the device to the app. (See "synching" tips.)

If that doesn’t work, go to “Settings” on the app, then click “Advanced.” Under advanced, set where you are wearing the device (left or right hand). Also, make sure your device is calibrated (go to “Settings,” then “Calibrate”). Now try syncing the device to the app again.

If all else fails, try a hard reset.

I’m having trouble entering my food calories on the website and/or app.

If you can’t enter food calories on the website, try adding the information from the app. Information added to the app does sync to the website; information added to the website does not consistently sync to the app.

If you’re seeing negative calories, it may be because you have exercised but not entered any food calories yet. If you enter food calories but you still see negative calories, then you’re seeing how many calories you’ve burned, taking into account how many calories you ate.

The iFit Act wristband is uncomfortable and/or doesn’t fit in a way that allows the tracker pod to record data.

If the wristband does not fit comfortably or in a way that allows the tracker pod to record data, try the other size included in the iFit Act package. (The iFit Act is sold in packages that include a Small/Medium and Large/XLarge-sized wristband.) If this size also does not fit comfortably, iFit Act users have found the clip-on accessory sold with iFit’s other 3-in-1 tracker, the iFit Active, more wearable. The clip offers you the option of wearing the iFit Act on your waistband or pocket. If neither wristband fits, iFit recommends contacting their Customer Care team at

The iFit Act wristband causes a rash and irrates my skin.

Many users have reported rashes caused by the iFit Act’s wristband. If you are experiencing skin irritation from your iFit Act, make sure the wristband is completely dry before you put it on. iFit recommends regular cleaning of the wristband with warm water and a few drops of liquid soap.

If the wristband is still causing skin irritation, you can carry it in the pocket of your shirt or pants. As long as the tracker pod is on your person, the iFit Act should record data.

I can't plug in my ifit it just won't plug in!

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