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Our Black Friday & Holiday 2022 Offers are over

Thank you to everyone celebrating repair with us!

iFixit 💙 Repair Café

Repair Cafés make repair more accessible across the globe. That is something we deeply support. Therefore, we donated 1€ for every Holiday Bundle sold to the Repair Café Foundation. We want to thank everyone who purchased a Bundle for supporting the repair efforts of more than 2,500 Repair Cafés.

Tools that last longer than any sale

Our Black Friday & Holiday Sale 2022 might be over, but our tools are long-lasting.
Whether you’re repairing a laptop, tablet, smartphone or gaming console or are tackling an even bigger project, we have the tools—and know-how—that make it a breeze.

Meet Anti-Clamp

We know the disheartening crack of a screen during a repair. That’s why we’ve developed the Anti-Clamp. It makes removing screens as easy as turning a handle. Opening screens has never been more fun!

Meet FixMat

Never lose a part or screw again with iFixit’s new FixMat.This next generation magnetic project mat helps you keep track of them during your next repair or project. With its writable surface featuring upgraded graphics, FixMat is the blueprint for a successful fix.

Need a replacement part?

Find a wide range of parts for your fixing journey!

Which tech YouTuber are you?

Linus or MKBHD? Answer some questions, and we’ll match you to a YouTuber and one of our toolkits.