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这份指南将引导您更换您的Mac Pro的SSD。

  1. 拨动图中所示的闩子至右侧“unlocked”位置。 拨动图中所示的闩子至右侧“unlocked”位置。
    • 拨动图中所示的闩子至右侧“unlocked”位置。

  2. 向上垂直提起Mac pro外壳。 提起外壳时,可以按着顶部的散热风扇。 提起外壳时,可以按着顶部的散热风扇。
    • 向上垂直提起Mac pro外壳。

    • 提起外壳时,可以按着顶部的散热风扇。

  3. Manta Precision Bit Set

    112 bits for every fix.

    Upgrade Your Toolbox

    Manta Precision Bit Set

    Upgrade Your Toolbox
  4. 拧下如图所示,单独的一颗6.5mm T8螺丝。
    • 拧下如图所示,单独的一颗6.5mm T8螺丝。

  5. 从整合在显卡上的卡槽中,轻轻拉SSD 不要在SSD全长一半以上的位置拉SSD,否则有可能会导致SSD损坏。 提起SSD,并垂直的从卡槽中拉出SSD。
    • 从整合在显卡上的卡槽中,轻轻拉SSD

    • 不要在SSD全长一半以上的位置拉SSD,否则有可能会导致SSD损坏。

    • 提起SSD,并垂直的从卡槽中拉出SSD。



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Will a 970 evo 512 gb pcie m2 fit on here?

Sam Yao - Antwort

As long as the drive is not the Plus version, you may be able to use an adapter in order to use that SSD in your MacPro6,1:


I have not tried this, but am, currently, researching a fix for a machine in my care.

Robert Maxwell -

Yes—works very well with the Sintech adaptor (and even with an EK-M.2 NVMe Heatsink — use thermal paste for longevity!).

Just did this yesterday and it’s a great/fast/easy upgrade.

ericbalog -

Do you need a heat sink in the SSD?

Cesar Cuenca - Antwort

The stock (Samsung) drive(s) that shipped (from Apple) with these machines do not; unless the black, outer covering helps with heat. [???]

I have had both a Samsung MZ-JPU256T/0A1 (256GB) and Samsung MZ-KPU1T0T/0A1 (1TB) installed in my machine without issue.

Third-party drives may include or heatsink and/or require at least 10.13 (High Sierra).

Robert Maxwell -

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