Use this guide to replace your digitizer.

  1. Apply a heated iOpener to the lower glass panel on the back of the phone for five minutes.
    • Apply a heated iOpener to the lower glass panel on the back of the phone for five minutes.

      • The panel is extremely stubborn, and you may need to reheat and reapply the iOpener several times to get the panel warm enough. Follow the iOpener instructions to avoid overheating.

      • A hair dryer, heat gun, or hot plate may also be used, but be careful not to overheat the phone—the display and internal battery are both susceptible to heat damage.

    I was unable to get the iOpener to heat the glass panes hot enough to loosen the glue. I was able to use a heat gun. Just heat it on low setting for about 1.5 min. (Any longer and you risk damaging the phone.

    Kimball Marston - Antwort

    I heated the iOpener several times to no avail. Then when i switched from the pick to a box cutter (see my comment on next step) it turned out that the glue WAS heated enough.

    Michael Roland - Antwort

  2. Insert an opening pick into the small gap between the rear case and the glass panel.
    • Insert an opening pick into the small gap between the rear case and the glass panel.

      • The gap between the panel and the frame is very tight, so it may help to rock or slide the pick back and forth as you push it down into the gap. Alternatively, you can use a thin blade or metal pry tool to lift the panel before prying the rest of the way with a pick, but work slowly and gently to avoid damaging the glass.

      • If you're having trouble inserting your pick, go back a step and heat the panel further. Loosening the panel requires significant heat, but avoid heating the middle of the phone where the battery is.

      • A few drops of high-concentration (at least 90%) isopropyl alcohol applied to the edges of the panel may help to loosen the adhesive as well.

      • Do not pry over the charging port. It is framed with plastic that can be damaged when prying.

    • With tip of the pick under the glass panel, carefully pry upward to slightly separate the rear case and the panel.

    The opening picks are too thick and weak to accomplish this step. Plan on breaking the glass with a knife and replacing it with new glass from ebay. Search Dogxiong For Motorola Moto Z/Moto Z Force Black Back Rear Battery Housing Top if the following link doesn’t work: https://www.ebay.com/i/123308522723?chn=...

    Mike Thompson - Antwort

    This step was a challenge. The picks are quite thick. I ended up using a box cutter knife to carefully separate one corner. Then I used one of the picks to complete this procedure. Once I realized that this worked, I breathed a sigh of relief. Then I did the same thing for steps 5 & 6.

    Michael Roland - Antwort

    Agreed. There’s no way I could have done this without a heat gun, a ton of patience, and a really, really thin flat screw driver bit from my iFixit tool pack. I think it was the 1.3.

    bennettr8 - Antwort

    I used a single edge razor blade in a holder. This worked much better then trying to get a pick inserted. Also, you really have to get the panel warm to heat up the glue enough to break it loose.

    Donald Whitaker - Antwort

    • Slide the pick in between the panel and the rear case.

    • Slide the pick across the length of the panel to slice the adhesive holding it to the rear case.

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    • Use the opening pick to carefully pry up the glass panel.

    • Remove the glass panel.

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    • Repeat the previous four heating and removal steps for the upper glass panel.

    • During reassembly, remove leftover adhesive from the panels and the rear case. Then clean those areas with high concentration isopropyl alcohol (greater than 90%) and a lint-free cloth. This will ensure proper adhesion of the panels.

    • Reinstall the panels using a pre-cut adhesive strip or double-sided tape.

    When cleaning the Glass Panes, DO NOT use metal tools, This will scrape the paint off of the back of the glass and damage the glass. Use of Alcohol helps loosen and remove the glue. I used a small plastic scraper and alcohol. Just takes a little bit of time.

    Kimball Marston - Antwort

    • Remove the six 4 mm T3 Torx screws securing the display assembly.

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    • Insert the point of a spudger into the hole in the bottom right corner of the rear case.

    • Press the spudger into the hole to separate the display from the rear case.

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    • Use a finger to maintain separation between the display assembly and the rear case while you remove the spudger.

    • Reinsert the flat end of the spudger in the gap between the display assembly and the rear case.

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    • Repeat the separation and prying process for the other side of the phone.

    • There is one clip on each side of the phone—make sure both are free before you continue.

    • Be careful not to separate the bottom edge of the display more than 0.5 inches (13 mm) from the rear case. The display cable is still connected and can be damaged if the bottom of the phone is opened too far.

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    • Tilt the top right corner of the display down to disengage one of the tabs that secure the top of the display.

    • Tilt the other corner down next, to disengage the other tab.

    • The display cable is still connected and can be damaged by too much display movement. Tilt the display carefully and stop if you encounter significant resistance.

    I still don’t know how this was supposed to work, but there is some adhesive along the top. I used the pick to wiggle the top out and then proceed. Another site advised more heat in this area to loosen the adhesive. I didn’t need to.

    bennettr8 - Antwort

    • Lift the right edge of the display to hinge the phone open like a book, no more than 45°.

    • Gently lift the display enough to clear the clip from the edge of the rear case, maintaining the 45º angle.

    • Rest the display on the table behind the phone and open to 90º to allow access to the display cable.

    Note that there are several strips of glue along the edges of the display which will need to be reapplied during reassembly.

    Kimball Marston - Antwort

    During reassembly (once you have put the display cable back into its socket), I recommend plugging the charger cable into the phone for a few seconds to see if you see the lightening bolt (charging indicator) on the front panel. This will allow you to be certain that, both, the battery and display connectors have been properly and securely connected.

    Michael Roland - Antwort

    • Use the flat end of a spudger to lift the display cable connector up out of its socket.

    • Only pry up on the display connector itself and not the socket on the motherboard.

    • At this point during reassembly after the display is connected, turn the phone on and verify that the display functions correctly. If it does, turn the phone off and proceed with reassembly.

      • If it does not work, check that everything is assembled correctly and the connectors are clean. For further troubleshooting, visit our Answers Forum.

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    • Remove the display.

    • During reassembly, if you wish to replace the display adhesive strips, first use a spudger to scrape away all the old adhesive, and clean the adhesion area with some high-concentration (at least 90%) isopropyl alcohol on a lint-free cloth.

    • Apply a thin, high-bond tape, like 1 mm Tesa 61395, or a strip from a precut adhesive card, where the old adhesive was.

      • If you're installing a new display assembly, note where the adhesive is on the original assembly and apply adhesive in the same places on the new assembly.

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    • Take the front assembly.

    • Remove the copper tape with a pair of tweezers.

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    • Lift the digitizer wiring with a pair of tweezers but do not pull out the wiring.

    • Do not use a heat gun to remove the tape.

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    • Begin to separate the front screen from the metal plate with the plastic opening tool.

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    • Carefully fold the digitizer such that it ends up in the middle of the wiring plate.

    • Gently pull the metal plate off of the digitizer in a slight counterclockwise manner as to not damage the wiring plate.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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