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    • On the left hand side of the system, you should find a small plastic piece saying SD card. Open it via the notch at the top and press in the SD card until it clicks. Then just pull it out.

    • If the card is stuck, use pliers to pull the card out. Do so slowly and with a constant force so that it comes out.

    • Another pretty simple step: check that the card isn't locked. There should be a small switch at the side of the card which, shockingly, says "lock". Make sure the switch is the farthest away that it can be from that word, and you're good to go.

    • If the system tells you that the card is locked when it shouldn't be, use tape to hold down the lock switch securely.

    • While we're doing that, also look for any dirt or dust on the SD card or in its slot. If there is, try cleaning it via a soft cloth, or blowing it out with some compressed air.

    • Now it time to realy look into things. First suspect is the SD card. Slip it into a PC and see if it can see a SD card inserted.

    • Is it blank? Does it refuse show up? If so, there is probably an issue with the card itself. See if you can find/buy a spare one, and copy over any backup you may have made before hand.

    • Does the computer read the SD card? It may be time to crack it open and replace the SD card module.

    • If you're really squeamish about cracking things open before knowing for sure, try another SD card in the 3DS. The card you're using may just be faulty.


By following through the previous instructions, you should now know what the issue is. Either you really had nothing to worry about, you need a new SD card, or you’ll have to replace the 3DS’ SD card module. The first two are easy, other don't worry, or run out to Walmart to pick up an SD card. In regards to replacing the SD module though, that can be found here. Nintendo 3DS SD Kartenleser austauschen

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