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Learn about common zipper problems, and how to determine if you need to replace just the slider or the entire zipper.



To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Brittany McCrigler

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So, what’s the fix for a full zipper replacement? Do you have a DIY video on that?

jvolem - Antwort

I searched and did not find one either. I’m planning to create my own DIY video soon.

Donna Del Bello -

I mailed in a jacket for a full zipper repair on a 10 year old Nano Puff and I thought the price was pretty reasonable ($15 for a brand new zipper plus I had a couple patches sewed on).

Glen Beane -

How about having your local seamstress do a full zipper repair. Bad or good idea?

Kip stone - Antwort

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