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Model A1288 / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity

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Wifi has lost range

Before rebuild I had very good signal strength on the 2nd gen iPod. After replacing the touch screen and the LCD screen I now have about 2 bars where I use to have 3 bars.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what is wrong?

I also have a 1st gen iPod and it shows 3 bars where this 2nd gen shows 2 bars.

I am about ready to pull this 2nd gen back apart to replace a defective LCD under warranty(Has a small cluster of stuck pixels) and also to see why the Home key started sticking after rebuild.

So if anyone out there in expert land, has a idea of why my wifi range is diminished. Now is the time to step forward.


when i tern my ipod on the apple comes up and thats it

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lynndon is this in response to the above question or is it something different. What exactly is the problem you are having if any. Give us more detail and it helps if you ask question about you device with a new question since it may get lost if you attach it as a comment.


SO you have an iPod touch 2nd generation that gets stuck at the apple screen? Any other symptoms? did you drop it; did it get any water damage? Did it function alright before this?


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Wifi range when affected during a repair or upgraded glass is usually because the wire is disturbed (not tightly connected to the mainboard) or the wire is pinched or broken. The iPhone and iPod usually have a small black wire floating around inside that connects to the board and then runs to another antennae location. Make sure not to disconnect the wire and make sure to reconnect it fully. The connection can be a round ring of metal with the receive wire coming through a tiny pin in the center. If the center pin is not seated all the way back into the connection it will not transmit conrrectly.

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be careful when you only give the same vendor to every answer. Leaves the appearance of spamming....


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There's a chance that you did something to the wifi antenna, and limited it's range. It looks like you installed the faceplate wrong since the home button is sticking.

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