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iMac ist die All-In-One-Desktopcomputer-Serie von Apple.

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No activity with 3 lights on

Had a bad storm. Lost power to Imac. I tested power supply and it was bad, got a new one, tests great. The problem I am having is all 3 lights come on with no activity to any thing. The Logic board power LED pulses at time. At a loss and hope its not the complete logic board but looking for any clues?

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Hello Perry,

It is very strange that you are receiving the 3 diagnostic lights but no activity from anything, are you certain the Hard Drive does not attempt to spin?

Try shining a flashlight onto the front of the display to check for a video signal, Apple logo or user login screen.

If not, try this with an external display.

Does your model of iMac have an onboard graphics card? If so, the most likely solution to this is Logic Board replacement. unfortunately.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you for your responce. I think you are correct a new logic board is in my future. The fans don't turn ether.


Yes Wes got the new logic board in and replaced it... Getting post all 3 lights are on but no screen.


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