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PC laptop by Dell with a 15.4" display. Succeeded the Inspiron 1520.

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Laptop not turning On when pressing power Button

When I press on Power Button only the media player touch LED blinks once and the light for caps and numlock continuously blinks even I can see power on DVDROM and fan too moves . But none of the LED in front blinks and no power on monitor is there.

Could you please suggest me what should I do.

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can you attach an external monitor and see if you get anything? Any post beep's?


Use this : Dell AC Adapter LA90PM130


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Thanks for your Suggestion "oldturkey03"

I have troubleshooted it and found the reason, its because one of my RAM has gone Bad.


Amit Lal

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Some times the Heat sink & fan gets dust and due to which system gets heated.

Once cleaned can help overheating & abnormal switching off issue.

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