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The VAIO VGN-FW590 Notebook Computer is a laptop manufactured by Sony. This model is also known as the VGN-FW590C, VGN-FW590CG, VGN-FW590F, VGN-FW590G, VGN-FW590H, VGN-FW590T, and VGN-FW590TF.

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Hard drive change / swap out

I have a Sony VAIO VGN-FW 590 that I need to change the hard drive in.

Can this be accessed via the base of the machine please as I can not find anything on the net relating to this.

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Block Image

JohnG, yes it is. Check the attached image as well as on here. There are some great instructions about the FW series right here. Hope this helps, good luck.

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New hard drive replaced will alert Windows that you have a different and NEW PC. Windows will NOT reload as "genuine". It will be a real headache to convince Windows that it is the SAME PC. I have tried getting Windows 7 to be returned to my Win7 PC as OEM for six months with no satisfaction. I hate it! Also I have no VAIO Care software and it will not reload!

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