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Das Samsung Galaxy S3 ist ein Smartphone mit Multitouch- und Drahtlosladefunktion, ist Eyetracking-fähig und hat einen vergrößerten Speicher.

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How to fix problems sending/receiving data?

Brand new Samsung Galaxy S3 phone, won't send or receive data, other than text.

Have tried all of the settings; matched with an identical phone & settings, but this one won't work. Even the data plan is identical.

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Please you give some more details:

  • What settings have you check ?
  • When you said not data sent/received, is it only for LTE/GSM/GPRS/UMTS connectivity or is it also including Wifi, eventually Bluetooth ?
  • What about MMS ?
  • Which country/operator ?

If everything works but not LTE/GSM/GPRS/UMTS and mayby MMS also, it is probably a APN (Access Point Name) related issue.

*(based on the supposition your S3 is running Android 4.0 or greater, let us know if it's wrong)

First of all just make sure Data is activated (we nerve know!):

  1. Go into Settings menu
  2. Into "Wireless and Networks" section select "More..."
  3. Go into "Mobile Networks"
  4. Here make sure data are enabled and unchecked "Use only 2G networks"

If nothing better at this point:

  1. Go into Settings menu
  2. Into "Wireless and Networks" section select "More..."
  3. Go into "Mobile Networks"
  4. And finally "Access Point Name"

Here you're gonna have to check the settings according to what your operator require. You can googlize your operator name and with "APN settings" or you can let us know which operator so we can help you about that...

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Gprs,edge tower


Awesome, Thank you! All fixed and no where near as long, or as complex, as i feared!


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Send/ receive data in rural town but not from my home in the country where I use a repeater or a Quattro signal enhancer

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