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Aimed at business users, the Tecra M3 is a notebook computer manufactured by Toshiba in 2005.

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How to fix the screen?

My laptop was steeped on and now has a small crack on the mid-right side. The whole screen is white and black. Is there anyway i could fix this? It is a Toshiba Tecra.

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Any chance you could post an image of your damage, as well as what your screen looks like. My first impulse is to say you need a new LCD....


For some reason i can not get any of the pictures to upload. The screen is not cracked that i can feel. But it has a white spot about 2inces wide in the top right corner with a black ink loking line under it. The rest of the screen is shades of black and gray with the picture showing up every now and then in sots but not clear. Also a purple line going across the screen at the bottome.


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Chris, definitely sounds like the LCD needs to be replaced "2inces wide in the top right corner with a black ink loking line under it". You wont feel anything, since the damage is on the inside of the screen. LCD is available at places like this as well as many others. Prices range from $70-$130 You can find instructions on disassembling your laptop on here. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Before committing to the expense of a new screen, I would disassemble the stepped-upon part (presumably the screen) to inspect for damage. You might learn something useful. Maybe it is just the cable. Maybe some additional parts are also damaged and need to be replaced.

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