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Mid-range desktop PC made by Dell. Model number 4600.

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Who is Motherboard manufacturer

Could someone please help me in determining who the manufacturer of the dell dimension 4600 motherboard is. The link to the motherboard where you can get a clear picture of the board is http://computerpartdiscounters.com/dell-...



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EKMoorhead, CN-0N2828 48111-3AD-02CD which is the Dell part # as its a propriety motherboard. It is most likely an Intel board that is then modified by Dell to suit their needs for the computer model it is used in.


Looking at everything you provided so far, it does look like your board is an Intel Desktop Board D815BN Download the spec sheet from here. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Thanks for your suggestion, but there is an emblem on it and it not an intel emblem. Did you get to check the website with a photo of the motherboard, I referred to before?


EKMoorhead, I did look at the posted images ;-) and know that the reversed R U is not the manufacturers label but an Underwriter laboratory label " quality mark issued by Underwriters Laboratories. It is borne on components which are intended to be part of a UL listed product, but which cannot bear the full UL logo themselves." There are several numbers printed directly on Intel Desktop Boards that are not indicative of board model.Those numbers represent regulatory or industry specification marking and cannot be used to identify your board.


Thanks for the clarification. Regards.


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