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Model A1199 / mit 2, 4, oder 8 GB Kapazität

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Metal Battery Rings repair?

"Be careful not to scrape the metal rings surrounding the connectors off the logic board. If you accidentally scrape these off, you won't be able to reconnect the replacement battery."

Ok I did this. :(

Is there a way to recover? Can I repair the solder points? Can I attach elsewhere on the board?

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theoretically it is possible to repair the solder points - but without seeing it - it's hard to tell

i use for "fired" solder points Conductive Silver - there are pens on the market - but i prefer the little bottles with a brush - even if i only need tiny lines - the bottle is much cheaper and i'm able to fix stuff that isn't fixable with the pen

if a solder point is gone - you can repaint it with the brush (or fin lines with a toothpick) - when the paint is dry - you can put the cable trough the hole and the try to fixate the cable with kapton tape, hot glue or something that would keep the cable in place - after you fixated the cable - use the silver paint to "connect" the cable and the painted solder point and let it dry - but do that as your last step - if the cable is properly fixated - it will stay in place and the contact will work properly

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Is this what you're talking about or can you provide a better link? http://store.sra-solder.com/product.php?...


Those pens are cool! Quite useful.


yes - thats the pen (they even sell the exact same pen here) - overclockers use those pens - the are also useful when you have to draw something on a pcb - the pen is good, but if you need more "control" - use the stuff they sell in the small bottles, it's way cheaper, you can use a thinner and you can fix stuff that the pen can't


Awesome. The board is so small I don't think I can get a good picture. I cannot tell where the solder point is. In other words I have scraped away the little "ring" and I cannot see where on the board to paint the solder point to. Do you have a picture or wiring diagram? Thanks for your help. Rick


you can see the 3 solder points in step 17: iPod Nano 2. Generation Logic Board tauschen

since i didn't have a 2nd gen. nano - i only can guess - most contacts of this type are on both sides - maye the cable could be soldered on the other side.

but since i don't know how far you got with your battery exchange - it's hard to say what the next step should be.


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