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Trackpad click not detected?

My 13" MacBook Pro worked fine for a month. Now the trackpad doesn't detect clicks when it it depressed normally. It still detects taps but whenever I want to drag by depressing the pad, it usually fails.

The trackpad will detect a click or drag if I press very hard but a normal click depression, complete with click noise, isn't detected.

I'm in a rural part of Africa for a while and while my computer in only a few months old, chances are I won't be able to get it into a shop to be fixed or replaced.

Any help? Similar situations? It it possible to remove the trackpad from the upper case? I didn't see instructions for that here but I may have missed them.

I appreciate any help!


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Take a thin piece of hard plastic ( preferably with a sharp edge) and run it around the pad seam and see it you can dislodge whatever is obstructing it.

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You may wanna check ur battery. If it is older than a year old it can swell as it ages. This will put pressure on the underside of the trackpad causin the problem u described (exact same thing happened to mine).

Try removing the battery and using the MacBook plugged into an outlet and see if u still have trackpad problems. If this fixes it, time for a new battery.

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