Die MacBook Familie entstand im Jahr 2006 und ersetzte das iBook als Consumer Laptop.

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MacBook to Pro MacBook upgrade?!

Any ideas if any of the below is possible?

Im planning this big project...Pro MacBook! :)

After planning to upgrade to 10.8 Mountain Lion, efl updates and 16gb of ram...(BTW its the same one as What is wrong with my MacBook?)

My warranty is ending soon, so Im doing this after I send my faulty trackpad and battery for repairs! :)

Is this (whole project) possible (or feasible)?

In order of (my wanted) importance.




1.) *HDD vs SSD vs BOTH(Remove Optical Drive) vs HYBRIDS*



Or wait for SDD prices to go down?

2.) *Backlit light ONLY for keyboard*


Unknown possibility?


i5? i7?



Connection capable or not?

Good reading: (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.p...)


1.) *Internal Blueray reader & writer*

Is it feasible? Thanks! :)

On a side note (Where I can get the glass only part for the digtizer?), does anyone know where to get CHEAP iPad front glass/glass lens?

Inspired by (iPhone 5 cracked glass, but the screen still works)

I would be fine with plastic...some good (but very expensive for iPad) examples:

For iPhone 5 (to show what Im talking about) : http://www.ebay.com/itm/Replacement-LCD-...

For iPad Mini: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tempered-Glass-S...

For iPad 2/3/4 (the ones I want, but very expensive): http://www.ebay.com/itm/iPad-2-3-New-Gla...

Thanks alot! Thanks! Thanks! :)

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We need to know what you're starting with. Please give the last three figures of your serial number.


AFAIK there is no retina upgrade or swap possible. Rather than try to kluge an internal SD card reader there are millions of small dongles that would be an easier solution. AFAIK you can't "after market" a backlit keyboard either - there are many shapes sizes and varieties of USB powered LED lights on a gooseneck. When you price the costs of some of your other customizations IMNSHO you'd be better off to sell your repaired unit as is take the money along with all that dough you'd spend on upgrades and go buy a Retina machine (straight off you'll recoup the logic board, display and keyboard/top case costs) and have a new machine with a new warranty to boot.


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Well you're creating a Frankenstein machine here with all of this.

Sorry to say most of what you have here is just not possible - adding an SD card reader, swapping out your keyboard for a backlit one, swapping out the optical drive for a BluRay optical drive, swapping out the display for a Retina, or lastly, changing out the logic board for a radically different model.

The things that are within your reach are the following:

- Swapping out your HD of a hybrid HD (Seagate Momentus XT or newer SSHD)

- Removing the optical drive and putting in a SSD in it's place (depending on your model)

As to the other stuff someone with better iPad knowledge can answer them.

Bottom line here - Don't waste your money if yo want these features get a new system that gives them to you Vs trying to make one from a system which clearly was never intended to offer them.

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