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Das Samsung Galaxy S3 ist ein Smartphone mit Multitouch- und Drahtlosladefunktion, ist Eyetracking-fähig und hat einen vergrößerten Speicher.

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Question Everyone Wants to Know about S3 Screen Repair!

I need to find out once and for all which Galaxy S3's can be repaired by just replacing the glass. The galaxy S3 (International version) (i9300) front glass can be replaced. But I need to know if just the glass can be replaced on the i747 model.

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Yes it can be. It is the same as all other models. Some colors, white for instance, is adhered better than others and is more difficult. Not sure why. But the basic construction of all S3's is the same. You can heat the screen and remove just the glass.

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no I have tried heating and everything else and the glass is bonded way to well.

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I have to ask this as I'm looking at a repair on a i747/i747m soon my self.

Aaron Wilson, what tool/tools did you use to heat the assembly? Heat gun? The tools here on this site?


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