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Das Samsung Galaxy S4, Modell i9505, ist mit einer 13 Megapixel Rückkamera und einem 5 Zoll 1080p Display ausgestattet.

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Why would a crack in the touch screen cause LCD to fail?

The touch screen has two small fractures that don't even reach the surface and are only visible from certain angles. I'm not sure if they were caused by a drop or pressure to the glass but the LCD doesn't have any power. The phone systems seem to function along with the lights at the top of the screen. What and why would the LCD fail from cracks in the glass?

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I also have the same issue, dropped mine the glass cracked and 3 days later the LCD quite working


@John Page Have you replaced the front panel assembly or done anything to fix it? I'm curious if that fixes the problem or if it is another internal issue?


Not yet, going to replace the digitizer, looks like its about $200 :(


Hey John. Did you replace the Display Assembly? Did the LCD work?


Had an issue finding a black lcd, ordered from on place only to tell me a week later they had no stock, ordered another one today hope to see it in a week or 2, I will post here what my results are as soon as I get it installed. I have been told that Samsung cut production on parts which is why they are hard to find, lots of Blue and White ones available though


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Finally got it replaced. Everything is working again

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Thanks John for the update. At least dropping $250.00 will fix LCD blackout. Thanks again.


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