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This is the first generation of the Ford Escape, a compact crossover SUV. Production started in 2000 for the 2001 model year.

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Cylinder #5 on 2004 ford escape is missing badly, need help

My 2004 ford escape V6 is missing badly, borrowed an engine analyzer from a friend and I turned off the engine light, but it read that the 5 cylinder, had a problem! Car ran good for awhile and then engine light came on again and the car ran erratically or missing! Can anyone tell me a specific problem i'm having? Also eating a lot of gas, engine light blinks when reach a certain speed and then stops blinking.

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When you say engine analyzer do you mean a code reader? What was the code that popped up?


use the manual for troubleshooting: http://onlyrepairmanuals.com/ford/ford-e...


I'm having the same issues except mine is #3.. I changed coils,plugs,injectors,even PCM..be good for a bit but now its in bad shape .won't start showing circuit to generator oil lights on oil smells like gas..oh I put a exhaust manifold gasket last week.. At 70,000 miles had to put a transmission in it. I'm do deep money wise I can't even break even and still a foot..never will I buy a ford!!


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Bad Coil... They are very poorly sealed at the top and crack. Luckily it seems to me #5 is the center front (Nearest the Rad).

Change Coil ASAP you could have damaged your catalytic converter due to unburnt fuel.

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coil pack on top of spark plug to be exact. Number 5 cylinder


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