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Das Samsung Galaxy S4, Modell i9505, ist mit einer 13 Megapixel Rückkamera und einem 5 Zoll 1080p Display ausgestattet.

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LTE stopped working after replacing display on Verizon s4

I recently replaced the display in my Galaxy S4 from Verizon, and while the phone seems to occasionally show an LTE signal and connection, data doesn't seem to work. Pages in browser or other online content never seems to load. If i disable my LTE connection data works fine on 3g.

I did notice some difference from the linked display replacement guide that came with the display assembly, namely a red wire running up the left hand side (from the back) similar to, but not identical to the blue wire labeled as the antenna cable on the right hand side in the ifixit guide. This wire runs under the USB board flex cable from the USB board to the motherboard. My theory is that this guide was written using the international version Galaxy s4, which does not support 4g LTE and this cable was a separate antenna cable for LTE. During removal i subjected this cable to a small amount of stress and the wire came out of the connector on the end. I carefully re-inserted it and soldered it to the best of my ability, but i'm afraid this is the cause of my lack of LTE connectivity. Can you guys confirm this is the LTE antenna and recommend a solution?

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A little more digging revealed this is an antenna cable and is fact a coaxial connector, so i imagine i've disconnected the middle. Ordered a new one on ebay for $11 and i'll report in when i know if it worked.


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Can you send the link of the cable I have the same problem any help is greatly appreciated I need my 4g lte back :(

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http://m.ebay.com/itm?itemId=37093823200... is what I bought, it was both of the cables and replacing the red one has my LTE working just fine.


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Thank you for posting this!! Saved me a lot of time. I had the exact same thing happen. The red wire broke as soon as I disconnected it. My replacement should be here next week.

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