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Why does nothing happen when I switch on?


Nothing happens when I switch on : it simply does not start; no bip, no noise at all, no fan, nothing.


- laptop correctly wired; switch button pressed; no result

- battery in; battery out : no change;

- battery out and switch button under pressure for 3 minutes then laptop wired : no result

- Test with a multimeter : electricity goes up to motherboard but I can't go further

Should I check anything else ? Has motherboard crashed? is it worth mending ?

Thanks for your help.

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Have you checked to see if you have power at the DC jack on your motherboard?


Do you know what caused it. Perhaps you took it apart and put it back together wrong (if you actually took it apart). You have a DV9 so it is at least 4 years old. I would say if you cant get it fixed without buying parts less than $30 then its not worth it. I have taken many of those apart and no your motherboard should not be shot. It is a simple cable that was not plugged in correctly or got loose. If the PC is not charging or not turning on then it is definitely a cable.


Hi, thanks for answers. Well, I have power on the DC jack on the motherboard. I confirm my laptop was taken apart because it did not run anymore. Everything has been put back all right, plugged in correctly.


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what i know is that many of the DV9000 series has graphic card problems.. (nvidia)

Repaired alot of those seriess..

But if also, the laptop must turn on and the screen must be blank if that's the problem.

Double check the cable's for sure if you opened up the laptop to be sure everything is connected properly.

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