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change indicator relay on Vauxhall Combo

My right hand indicators don't work properly and I have been told that it is probably the relay. And wouldn't you know it, apparently it's a real pain to replace? Because of its location. Apparently it is behind the battery and something else. Any help please.

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What year is your Vauxhall?


It's a 2005 55 plate


Does that relay also control the reversing light?


any more my light do not work 1.9 vauxhall combo reg 04


I have no flasher and hazards . Fuse and relay is ok on vauxhall vivaro 2004


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Geoff Heyes, the relay is located under the hood, adjacent to the battery. You should see a black weather sealed box. You will need a long extension and a Torx ( I read a T20) socket to remove the cover. The indicator relay is the large yellow one.

Block Image

Block Image

information from here

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That's a great help.

Many thanks.



You are welcome, best of luck to you.


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