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Die dritte Generation der Samsung Galaxy Note Phablet Serie wurde am 25 September 2013 veröffentlicht. Es trägt die Modelnumer N9005.

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Is it possible to install a middle frame/bezel at home?

So I dropped my note 3 and the middle silver frame/bezel got scuffed to where it's no longer silver but white. I called every cellphone specialist in my area but all of them said it would cost roughly $200 because they would have to replace the whole housing however I found just the silver frame on ebay for $17. My question is would I be able to install this and are there any risk by disabling my note 3? Also if there are any links to show me how. Thanks!

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I am in the same boat bro. How did you get yours fixed?


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It's a risk. As soon as you can separate the LCD screen from the supporting frame, you can replace the middle frame only.

you can see both two links here and have a consideration.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Teardown


Then decide whether to buy a middle frame and repair by yourself.

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Actually I'm doing that right now. I bought a digitizer on EBay, From China for $10.00 a mid-frame for $14.00 and a screen kit with glue and tools for $11.00. This is a lot cheaper than a preassembled screen and digitizer. I'm still waiting for the screen. My screen is cracked, the bezel; AKA mid-frame is scratched and beat up. I find that replacing the mid-frame bezel only forces me to remove the components and reattach them to the frame. Just be careful not to miss anything. I'm going to try and salvage the current digitizer. I'm waiting on the last 2 of 5 shipments from Shanghai, but it should be worth it in the end. I ordered a metal (metal looking) bling case $6.0. I'm confident it will work; it was working when I dropped it and broke the screen and frame as well as scratching the rear cover. Less than fifty bucks instead a new screen assembly for $150.00 or more put back in the same scratched up case...

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How did the whole process go? was that digitizer really $10.00 and how good was it after the installation? I might be buying mine from the wrong supplier LOL I have seen prices around 120-250 for the digitizer.


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I have the same issue but I chose to buy a black sillicon protection case. Looks nice even if the middle frame is scratched, as long I don’t see it ;-)

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