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Mid-range desktop PC made by Dell. Model number 4600.

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Total virus control has taken over

A virus has taken over my computer.What it has done has told me I have broken a law and that I need to pay them a fine and they will release my computer back to me. I asked shop where have had work done before and they told me this was a very bad virus and even after removed computer ill be slower.Would it be better to change out hard drive? Or do you have good way to remove virus? This has taken total control,when booted up it goes straight to their screen with its demands and you can't go anywhere from there.

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Douglas, any virus is bad, but these are not the worst.They are called ransomware. Can you tell us exactly what it says when you start up? By that we can determine which


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Douglas , the removal of this ransomware will depend on which particular one you got infected with .Here is one way you can try:" Here's how to use a free Symantec service that the company says often removes the virus:

1. If the computer is Internet connected, shut it off by holding down the power button for about 10 seconds.

2. Turn it back on while repeatedly tapping the F8 key.

3. When it brings up the "advanced boot options," use the down arrow to select "safe mode with networking" and hit "enter." You should see a screen that says "safe mode."

4. Open a browser -- such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer -- and go to www.norton.com/npe

5. Click the button to download the Norton Power Eraser, save it to your desktop and double-click the icon to run the file.

6. After reading the user license and clicking "agree," click "scan for risks."

7. As Power Eraser restarts the computer, repeatedly hit the F8 button and again select safe mode with networking.

8. Click "run" so Power Eraser can scan for the virus.

9. Once it finishes, you'll see "scan complete" in a window with the results. Then click the "fix" button.

10. Click "restart" to reboot the computer again. You should see a confirmation that threat has been removed. from here. Let us know what you get when you try this. It may take a few different attempts. Hope this helps, good luck

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