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Model A1137 / 1, 2, or 4 GB capacity / black or white plastic front

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Battery, or software issue?

My ipod has had trouble with battery life. I will let it charge to full capacity, then walk out with it and within 5 minutes the battery bar falls to 75%, then 50%, then back to 75%, then 25%, etc. Then recently it kept freezing every time I selected a song. It was so bad I wasn't able to do anything but let it sit and come back the next day and try again. Today I used it and it would just shut off each time I played a song, then it showed something saying I need to do a fix or find an update or something, I can't remember. I'm currently recharging it again until it's full. Does it sound like a battery issue, or maybe a virus that was downloaded somehow to it, or both? Is there any software fixes out there if it is a software issue?

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Apple has a nice little trouble shooting guide called the Five Rs for the iPod. Follow that guide and see if it fixes the problem. If it does not fix the problem, then you may have a bad logic board or a bad battery.

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I doubt it is a virus, that would be very difficult to implement into an ipod and a song added to it would be incapable of causing a virus on it as well because it cannot execute code.

This sounds like a battery issue but it could be a logic issue as well. Replacing the battery in this model iPod should not be that difficult but it will require soldering.

Some helpful steps:

1. Do a full restore on the iPod through iTunes. If that doesn't work we rule out the software being corrupt.

2. Is the iPod hot when charging? This could be a sign of water damage

3. Does the iPod have a hissing sound when charging or when turning on or off? This could indicate a logic board issue.

4. If #2 or #3 are true take it to an apple store genius bar to see what they think.

5. After moving through these steps its now ok to attempt a battery replacement.

Follow the ifixit guide here:

iPod Nano 1. Generation Akku Austausch

Good Luck!


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