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Modell A1103 / 1.25, 1.33, 1.42, oder 1.5 GHz G4-Prozessor

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Is it worth trying to clean corroded mainboard?

Hello guys

i have recently bought this machine off ebay, from a seller stating he couldnt test the machine, so sold as faulty no returns.

machine clearly shows signs of spillage. bottom of the motherboard is corroded at two corners, a lot of contacts almost invisible under the layer of rust...

now, knowing, that this is probably beyond repair, what would you recomend me to try, to get rid of rust? alcohol? isopropyl? "whatever-you-call-it-conntact-cleaner"?

i dont even know, if anything else is working, i have basically gutted machine i need to get working... i probably could salvage superdrive, anything else is missing. no hdd, no wificard, no bluetooth module...

i know, motherboards are quite resistant to spillage (i know, stupid idea), having two, which survived spillage, could this one be salvaged as well?

thanks for ideas, sugestions or offers...:D:D:D

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after about a month of waiting, i have finally received replacement board for this baby... old one was too damaged. when i improve my soldering skills, i will try to fix it.

in the mean time, i have a problem. i seem to cannot find anyone supplying wireless interface boards. does anyone of you guys here, happen to have one on stock, shelf, cupboard, under the bed... anywhere? my mac came with no board. i need one to get it done, so i can give that computer to my mum...

thank you, for all your help. you are truly inspiring community...


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You can try. I would use contact cleaner and some of those stiff bristle soldering brushes and work slowly and carefully so as not to do further damage. The question I would have based on your description is the possibility of traces being damaged on the board. In the old days with larger traces , etc we could use fine wire to run new traces but that's not possible with todays circuit boards. You have a real challenge in front of you. Good luck and let us know how it comes out. Ralph

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You are basicly on the right track in my opinion. Drown the thing in isopropynol for a couple of days, brush everything off thats not supposed to be there, dry it thoroughly and try your luck. All these boards have microfuses on them (small rectangulare parts) that can be replaced but i have to do a little research here myself before i can tell for sure.

I am certain that Apple does nothing else than cleaning and replacing a few fuses when they sell a "refurbished" board for $$$.

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Really it's not possible

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