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Repair guides and troubleshooting for the HP Compaq DC7500, a business class desktop computer introduced in 2007.

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hangs at setup is starting windows

hi! how are you? every operating system installed good on my machine except windows xp. i installed windows 7 and also vista both installed good but when i try to install windows xp, a every time my pc stuck at "Setup is starting windows."i changed my dvd rom , also try to install window with my bootable usb , the problem is still same. windows xp setup files runs very fast after it hangs on setup is starting windows....blue

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Why would you install "windows 7 and also vista " and then end up trying XP? Do you have an original disk?


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From what it looks like, it seems like it's a bad disc. Try a new XP disc and see of that helps. If you do not have one, you can find ISO's online if you know where to look. If you do not know how to look for this without resorting to torrents just buy a new disc.

If this does not do it, it's something else. Try running Memtest on the system and see if the memory comes up with anything over a 24 hour window. If nothing does, it's the hard drive or DVD drive, or simply caused by a bad SATA cable.

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I have the same problem - I have try with other Windows CD without result.

I have change the BIOS Settings to AHCI, RAID, IDE - without result.

The PC is one Intel 2.4GHz with 2GB Ram and 32GB SSD Sata

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