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2,5 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5 Prozessor (Turbo Boost bis zu 3,1 GHz) mit 3 MB geteiltem L3 Cache.

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MacBook Pro retina wont turn on

First, sorry for the poor english. I bougth my MacBook Pro retina 13 late 2012 at april 2013. So i have used it for one year without any problem.

Unfortunately, this last week, i tried to turn it on, but it didnt work out, neither the led's mag safe connector turned on. The last time i've had used, it has worked properly and i turned it off properly as well with around 50 percent charged.

Right now, it doesnt make any noise or sign of life.

I took it to a Genius Bar in my town (Brazil) and they said at the same time they needed to replace the io board and the logic board, without performing any test, they told me it is "the apple's protocol".

I paid for the io board, they changed it, and it still doesnt working.

Do you haver any idea how can i fix it? Or what is the problem? I dont Want to pay for a Logic board without knowing if this is the real problem.

Thanks in advance

Thiago Barbosa

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what happened did it get fixed


i have the same issue. please email me shamsi_azher@hotmail.com


Hi did you fix it? Mine is doing same, please let me know.


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If it's still makes any sense, then here's the answer:

You should disconnect battery, so it wipes cache and other temporary data from your Macbook.

Do it on your own risk.

Unscrew all screws on bottom housing, don't lose them.

Carefully unplug all wires.

Unscrew battery protection plate, and remove it.

Disconnect the battery (Don't remove it!), leave your Mac for 30 minutes.

Plug it back and repeat that process again.

Finally your Mac should be working again!

I'm not responsible for any data losses and other damage to your Mac.

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Strange that the DC-in board and the logic board would go bad at the same time. Is there some history you've neglected to share (power surge, liquid spill, high humidity)?

There are so many possible reasons what you're asking would be similar to expecting a Dr. or a Mechanic trying to proscribe fixes for a person's illness or an automobile problem sight unseen...

If this answer is acceptable please remember to return and mark it.

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Nothing happened, neither liquid or power surge. It was very strange, suddenly as i described


Go back to Apple - 'there repair work is warrantied but not for long. Could the machine have been squeezed or crushed in a bag or suitcase? Something stacked on top of it? With no fall or other history that's about all I can think of that would contribute to suddenly having both those components fail. BTW if you paid with a credit card contact them too. Tell them you have a dispute with the merchant. Often credit cards offer warranties on repair work... and they can insist that the repair be made right (at no extra cost) or they can remove the merchant from accessing their services (no more charge cards accepted)... that's a powerful corporation to have on your side.


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I had a similar problem.... my macbook pro 13 retina late 2013 went into sleep mode, i think the battery had too little power if i remember correctly. anyways, closed the lid and connected the magsafe2 adapter and left it to charge over night. woke up the next morning and my macbook was dead, the light on the charger showed amber the night before and green the next morning indicating charged... tried sms reset etc, all the tricks in the book, nothing worked. i suspected logic board failure, but decided to wait till i have enough money for a new magsafe adapter or find a friend with the same machine or adapter. finally five months later, got a magsafe2 adapter from a friend. my machine still dead and i opened it up, the fan would run for about a second when powering up and then stop, still no life... phoned apple care and the tec told me from his experience this sounds like a hardware issue but definitely not logic board failure as the fan still turns even for just a second or two and told me to take it in to the genius bar, on my way there now, will let you know what they say....

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