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Kapton translucient tape used in computgers to secure wire cables etc.

What exactly is Kapton tape question mark. What can be used as a substitiure question What can be used as a substitute for Kapton. Is it a brand name question marka It's used in my macbook pro to secure wires and ribbon cables.

I went to Fry's to buy some, but couldn't find any. I Didn't have the name of this tape at the time.

I asked severql employees, as well as a couple of customers about this tape and nobody had ever heard of it.

It only took a few seconds to find the name of the tape online. No such luck in the real world.

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It comes under different names. Kapton is a brand name for polyimide tape:

here's where to get some:

Polyimide Tape

Polyimide Tape Bild


Polyimide Tape


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