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2.3L 4cyl or 3.0L V6, 6th Generation

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How do I charge my A/C

Air blows but don't get cold.

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What year and which model Accord do you have?


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Stephen , Here is a decent video that shows how to recharge your system.

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Hi Stephen,

You'll see on the aluminum pipe a connector for the A/C, that's where you connect to refill the gas...

Important, do not switch on the A/C while you haven't refilled it with gas, or you might damage the compressor, also very important in some the vehicle models there is a condenser cartridge which needs to be changed, also of the outmost importance, check which type of gas, as there is different types of gas from model and from country to country e.g.: R134A, R136, R418, R22, R520... My advise to you is not to fill it completely and check within a day or two if it is still blowing cold, if not it means that there could be some other issues, the most common problems are with the compressor, or with the flex pipe...

Anyway on the vehicle owner manual you should have the specification in terms of condenser cartridge and even which type of gas...

Well good luck...


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That year Honda Accord takes HFC-134a and it is similar (not identical ) to R134a which can be used.


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