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Turn off "service engine soon" after oil change in 2002 Buick LeSabre?

I Have a 2002 Buick Le Sabre that sat up for 4 yrs. I changed the oil and put high octane gas in it.She runs very good. how do I turn the " Service Engine Soon Light " off.

Thank you


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I have a '91 Regal and agree with Mayer. My AC is dead and sends a code along with about 10 others, it has almost 150,000mi. It also sat in a field for a while and had some mice chewing on the wires.

It runs great and I got it for $900 with only 73,000mi. I Ignore the light but check for new codes when I do regular maintenance. I don't use a code reader for the OBD I. The Haynes manual tells you how to use a small jumper in the test socket and then count check engine light blinks. It takes a while to get through them all but isn't hard enough to make me buy a tester for only one vehicle with OBD I. Your 2002 Probably uses OBD II. If it does invest in the tester, if you do a lot of your own work, as it will tell you much more than OBD I, other wise most part stores will do it for you, if you find someone who knows how to use the tester. I have had Auto Zone one O'Reilly workers not know how to hook up or even turn on the equipment. On my car disconnecting the battery resets the OBD system.

Good luck. Old Buicks are great. My first was a '71 Skylark, then this Regal and a '01 LeSabre for my 18 yr old for her first car. Big and safe. Love them.


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I'd take it in to an Auto Zone and get a free computer readout. It could just be a signal that turns on after a certain mileage has been reached to recommend services or it could be something serious. I would not ignore it.

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My advice is go to an area parts store ( Auto Zone ) for example and have them put their scanner on it that may temporarily get it to go away maybe up to 3 days

Driving it is the only sure way I know of other than possibly removing the negative cable from your battery which is supposed to reset your cars computer but may trigger your security system

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Button on sterring wheel left side press to get menu scroll down till you see oil change press center button and hold till it reads 100% then release and its done

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