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Repair guides and support for phones produced by the South Korean phone and tablet manufacturer, Pantech.

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Pantech Renue P6030 unresponsive buttons and vibrates with no power?

I had my phone in my pocket when it started to rain. I was completely soaked but my phone only showed water on the edges of the phone. The phone now vibrates constantly or sometimes on and off. It even vibrates while the power is turned off. The only way I can get it to completely stop is to take out the battery. The keyboard no longer works as well as the volume buttons. The power button is the only button that works. I am able to text using the touch screen and also able to make calls. The entire time I'm working on the phone, it is vibrating. What happened and is there a way to fix it?

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Power off the device immediately. Do not charge the device. Take the device apart and unplug the battery. Remove the components and submerge them in Isopropyl alcohol for 3-5 hours. Remove them from the alcohol and allow them to sit in front of a fan overnight to dry out, longer if necessary. Then put everything back together and see if there is a change.

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I am unfamiliar with taking apart phones. There weren't any videos on YouTube that helped me out with my phone. Do you know how to take the phone apart or do you know of any videos related to my phone? Will I need to special tools for this process? Could I just submerse my entire phone, without the battery, in the alcohol?

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