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Mitte 2009 Modell A 1278 / 2,26 oder 2,53 GHz Core 2 Duo Prozessor EMC 2336

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Why is my computer locking up with external display connected?

I just got my MacBook Pro about 2 weeks ago and everything works great. I have this shiny external monitor and I finally got the Mini Display Port to DVI dongle in the mail today. Plugged it in (computer already on) and everything appears to be operational.

There are two issues using the external. Upon restarting my computer with the external display connected, I can boot to the login screen (up until this point my external is blank). After I type in my password and hit enter, both screens go into a grey screen, indicating OS is loading however, it fails to do so. If I unplug the external, nothing changes. I must hold down the power button to power down the machine.

With the external unplugged, I can turn on the laptop and everything operates as normal and once I am in OSX I can plug the external back in and I am good to go, editing photos, etc.

BUT! I was trotting merrily along using both displays and all of the sudden both displays go blank, the external showing a light pink and the built in display showing a green. Again I must hard boot.

Obviously not a functional setup. Should I blame the knock-off dongle from Amazon? Should I go ahead and pony-up for the Apple dongle? Thanks!

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You should borrow a Mini DP to DVI dongle from a friend (an authentic apple one) and see how that works. If it works perfectly then, then its the dongle, if not, we'll need to troubleshoot some more.

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Best Buy was out of the DVI, but I went with the Mini Display Port to VGA adapter and all is well.


Unfortunately for me, it looks like I will be heading to the genius bar asap. My graphics card locked up twice now with the Apple dongle. It just goes grey on the external and black on the main, giving the feeling that it is switching the display settings or switching out of external display mode. Gives me a sinking feeling.


Called Apple support and reset PRAM/NVRAM. The guy hung out on the phone 11 minutes after doing so and no lock ups. Everything seems fine and dandy ever since. Lets hope this sticks :)


After resetting the NVRAM, the problem persisted. Apple sent me a new computer and now I am good to go. Using the cheap Amazon dongle :)


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Yes a bit late here but check this site out. I have used this equiptment doing broadcasting. Matrox never gives me the blue screen of DEATH, so this might help you like it did me.If you are after a good dongle for running screens off your mac. you should try Matrox. www.matrox.com/graphics. I have been using the Matrox Dual Head 2 go. DP Edition. I have had no problems in the last 4 months using this dongle running from my MBP 15" mini dvi output to hdmi dongle. It then splits hdmi to my two 24" benq monitors and bingo, you win. peace

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